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Who is Michael DeLong? ( LT Suspend) Wiki, Bio, Age, Family, Career, Net Worth, Many More Facts You Need To Know

Michael DeLong
Michael DeLong

Michael DeLong Wiki -Michael DeLong Biography

According to WGRZ, Michael DeLong is a Buffalo Police Department lieutenant who was suspended without paying a woman after “verbal abuse” in the video.

Researcher Post was suspended on June 29, when Ruweyda asked “why he was a disrespectful little curse,” when he asked why so many officers were called to control a man using drugs.

Michael DeLong Career

City payroll records show that DeLong joined the power 20 years ago. The prize was paid $ 116,878 for the last fiscal year. Post also reported that DeLong currently resides in Hamburg and records are assigned to Zone B.

Incident Video

Salim filmed the incident on his phone and sent it to the police department saying “shit” to Facebook. More than 2,500 have been shared since then.

Police Commissioner Byron Lockwood responded by initiating an Interior investigation, according to the post. Everything you need to know about Michael DeLong and his suspension:


The incident occurred on Sunday and was shot on Salim’s phone outside of 7 Eleven, according to WGRZ.

Officers were seen in a video call, searching for a man who seemed to be on drugs, the station continues. About a minute later, a white shirt officer approaches Salim. DeLong walks within six meters of Salim, a community organizer working with PUSH Buffalo and Western New York Peace Center. When he said he was very close, DeLong said, “Move me.”

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