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Michael Foy
Michael Foy

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Michael Foy, 30, from Wixom, was described by prosecutors as “one of the most violent of all participants” during the attack in Washington, D.C. Foy, a former US Marine Corps, has been accused of attacking the police at least 10 times with a hockey stick wrapped in a Donald Trump flag while guarding the entrance to the building. He also threw something that looked like a “sharpened pole” at the officers.

US Magistrate Judge Patricia Morris ordered Foy to remain in detention until his case was taken to the district court in Washington, D.C., citing his mental health concerns and allegations of violence against him.

Michael Foy Age

He is 30 years old.

Michael Foy Arrest & Charge

According to a written statement by US Deputy Attorney General Hank Moon, Foy was filmed on January 6, hitting police officers with a hockey stick about a dozen times.

“Unhappy with the attack, he later gathered others to join him before entering the Capitol through a demolished window and gun in hand,” Moon said. Said.

Moon said the scene in the Capitol had become “chaotic, graphic and brutal”.

“The rebels fired bullets at the officers and physically attacked them, often using weapons such as poles, bottles, and a hockey stick in Foy’s case,” Moon added.

“Several officers were dragged into the crowd, removed from their protective gear and beaten. Other rebels used crowbars and other tools to break the Capitol’s windows so the rebels could enter.

“At one point, before the worst of the close fight began, Foy threw a sharp pole at the cops. A few seconds later, one of the rebels knocked one of the officers down. Foy jumped. Opportunity, he immediately raises the hockey stick and rushes towards the officers.”

In other videos, Foy allegedly attacked a Capitol Police officer trying to protect him.

“Foy’s behavior here is some of the most violent that occurred in the uprising on January 6,” Moon said. “He, a former martial-trained sailor, brought a hockey stick to a riot in the Capitol and took the leading role in the violence when things started getting out of control.”

When FBI agents arrested Foy at his home on January 21, they found a hockey stick in his home.

Foy’s attorney, Colleen Fitzharris, argued that her client should be released from custody, while expressing his military service and no prior criminal conviction.

“Looking beyond a single day in a 30-year lifetime, we see a stable history of compliant, law-abiding behavior,” said Fitzharris.

Foy has also been reported to combat alcohol abuse, post-traumatic stress disorder, and depression.

Foy is accused of breaking into a confined building to disrupt state affairs while carrying a dangerous weapon, interfering with law enforcement during civil unrest, forcibly attacking a US official and preventing a formal trial.