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Michele Boudreau Deegan
Michele Boudreau Deegan

Michele Boudreau Deegan Wiki – Michele Boudreau Deegan Biography

According to the Whatcom County Sheriff’s Office, Dr. Michele Boudreau Deegan is a psychologist who killed her 7-year-old twin daughters and herself in a murder-suicide in Sudden Valley, Washington. Deegan’s practice was in Bellingham, Washington. She told on Deegan’s professional Facebook page that she provided mental health counseling to adolescents, individuals, and couples.

Michele Boudreau Deegan Age

She was 55 years old.

Michele Boudreau Deegan Career

According to the Rising Sun Health & Wellness official website, Deegan had a bachelor’s degree in social work and a master’s degree in professional counseling. He specialized in marriage and family therapy while receiving his PhD in psychology. Deegan was a member of the National Certified Board of Advisors, the American Counseling Association, and the American Mental Health Consultants Association. On this website, Deegan, Dr. Michele Boudreau used the name Angelis.

According to Deegan’s website, the doctor applied a method of marriage counseling known as the “Gottman Method”. The Gottman Institute website defines the method to include “a comprehensive assessment of the couple relationship and integrates research-based interventions based on the Sound Relationship House Theory”. Deegan wrote on the Lifespan Integration website that the method is “highly interactive, educational, challenging” and leads to a “revival” of relationships.

In her Lifelong Integration profile, Deegan wrote that she worked on ways of dealing with her clients, problem perceptions, as well as communication skills and promotes healthy attitudes. Deegan also wrote:

  • I am an oppression-sensitive therapist. I take into account my client’s strengths, work from a mutual respect model, and recognize that a person’s gender, ethnicity, sexual orientation, class, race, religion, and health, all impact how he or she perceives and experiences an issue.

Michele Boudreau Deegan Kills Twin Daughters

The Whatcom County Sheriff’s Office said in a press release on October 24th that 55-year-old Deegan shot and killed her twin daughters on the evening of October 23rd while they were sleeping. The police then said that Deegan turned the gun to him. The horror arose in a house in Sudden Valley, about 115 miles north of Seattle. The police answered the house at around 1:15 pm. The family was originally discovered by the woman’s tenant. Police described the house as “multi-storey residence”.

Authorities believe Deegan was involved in a detention dispute involving his daughters at the time of his death. “Currently, the Sheriff’s Office is not providing any information on the final autopsy results and this incident awaiting completion of the investigation,” the press release said.
The last to appear on Deegan’s Facebook page came on October 23rd. Deegan shared an article titled “Narcissistic Parents Are Really Incapable of Loving Their Children”. On the same day, Deegan shared a video titled “Narcissistic Parenthood – An Setup for Suicide” on his page.

In an episode on Deegan’s website titled Anger & Violence, Deegan said, “Violence is not an expression of anger, it is a strategy to maintain power in a relationship.” Another section on the same page says that violence is a tactic used in a relationship. This episode continues as “threat of divorce, taking children, suicide and violence” and “violence – no contact” as non-physical indicators.