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Michelle Pearson

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Michelle Pearson A 37 Years old mother from Manchester, England. Michelle Pearson lost her four kids in a petrol bomb attack has died. Michelle Pearson lost her life after spending “20 months fighting” her injuries sustained in the 2017 house fire.

Michelle Pearson Age

She Was 37 Years old woman.

Who attacked Michelle Pearson

Two people were involved attacking Michelle Pearson Home

One was Zak Bolland 23 Years Old man, who launched the fatal attack, and second was David Worrall, 25, who was accused of removing a fence panel from the garden of Michelle Pearson’s home and smashing a kitchen window before two lit petrol bombs were tossed inside, were found guilty of four counts of murder.

This story was originally published on May 2018, at the end of the trial

Evil Zak Bolland slaughtered four innocent children by firebombing their home as they slept.

For him, they were collateral damage in an increasingly bitter and violent local war he had been waging against their brother, Kyle Pearson.

Bolland, 23, thought of himself as a hardman.

Actually he was a coward with a history of picking on the weak and vulnerable, a pyromaniac who used fire, or the threat of fire to deal with his rivals. A workshy, drink and drug-addled petty crook with a nasty, violent temper.

Kyle Pearson, who at 16-years-old was seven years younger than him, fell foul of that temper.

But in the end, callous Bolland missed his real target in his monstrous attack on a family home – instead he killed four young children, Kyle’s siblings, and put their mother Michelle in a coma.

Michelle Pearson Children died In The Attack

Demi Pearson, 15, and her siblings Brandon, eight, and Lacie, seven, died in the attack on their home in Jackson Street, Walkden, at 5 am on Monday, December 11.

A fourth sibling, three-year-old Lia, was rescued but died in hospital three days later.

Two others, Kyle Pearson and Bobby Harris, escaped.

The children’s mother, Michelle Pearson, 36, remains seriously ill in hospital.

She came out of a coma earlier this month and was told that her children had died.

At The Time Of Attack

Michelle Pearson, 36, had been sleeping in a rear first-floor bedroom with her youngest Lia, aged three. She shouted ‘fire’ – and dialed 999 – but the call was cut off halfway through. The heat was so intense, the property’s two smoke alarms melted before they could sound.

Damage caused by the fire to the home on Jackson Street

“No, not the children. Not the kids”, was the cry her neighbor heard through the walls.

Michelle managed to lift her youngest, Lia, from her cot and carry her into the bathroom, but there they both collapsed.

Three other children had been sleeping in another, bigger bedroom at the front of the house. Their bodies were found in the places where they had been overwhelmed, each had tried desperately to escape.

The inside of the house

Brandon Pearson, aged eight, would be found collapsed face down with his head pointing towards the landing. His sister Lacie, seven, was just behind him on the floor. Demi, their bigger sister, had collapsed on the bottom bunk bed, her feet on the floor, her hands stretched towards an open window. They were found by firefighters who crawled up the smoke-filled stairs, the steps littered with rubble which had fallen in the heat and the flame.

One-by-one, the crews carried the five lifeless casualties outside, laid them on the pavement, and tried desperately to revive them.

Kyle Pearson did manage to get out, along with a mate who had been staying with him, Bobby Harris. The 16-year-olds managed to climb out of the small, first-floor box bedroom at the front of the house and out onto a ledge.

Zak Bolland and David Worrall were arrested and in police charged

Zak Bolland and David Worrall were found guilty of murdering the children, sentenced to four life terms and jailed for 40 and 37 years, respectively.

They were convicted of the attempted murder of Ms. Pearson, her teenage son, and his friend.

Ms. Pearson’s condition took a turn for the worse in June, when her family announced she was back in the hospital in a “critical” condition.

Her devastated mother announced her death on Facebook, writing on Monday morning: “Sadly last night, After a hard 20 months of fighting.

“Our beautiful Michelle gained her wings and went to join her babies.”

Greater Manchester Police confirmed they are taking another look at the case and will consult with prosecutors.




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