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Michelle Sixta
Michelle Sixta

Michelle Sixta Wiki – Michelle Sixta Bio

Michelle Sixta was the second spouse of American talk show host Rush Limbaugh. On February 3, 2020, Limbaugh announced on the radio show that he had been diagnosed with advanced lung cancer. She died a year later, on February 17, 2021. Limbaugh has been married four times, Kathryn Adams Limbaugh (2010-2021 – death), Marta Fitzgerald (divorced m. 1994–2004), Michelle Sixta (m. 1983–1990), and Roxy Maxine McNeely (m. 1977–1980) .

Michelle Sixta & Rush Limbaugh

In 1983, Limbaugh married his second wife, Michelle Sixta, a college student and a bribe at the Kansas City Royals Stadium Club. They divorced five years later. He said he struggled with love, saying “I’m so in love with myself”, according to the Palm Beach Post.

Rush Limbaugh Other Wives

He first married Roxy Maxine McNeely, a sales secretary at the WHB radio station in Kansas City, Missouri, at the age of 26. The couple married on September 24, 1977 at the Centenary United Methodist Church in Cape Girardeau, Limbaugh’s hometown. McNeely filed for divorce for “incompatibility” in March 1980. They officially divorced on July 10, 1980.

On May 27, 1994, Limbaugh married 35-year-old aerobics instructor Marta Fitzgerald, whom she met in 1990 on the CompuServe online service. They married at the home of US Supreme Court Judge Clarence Thomas.

The couple broke up on June 11, 2004. Limbaugh announced on the air that he was divorced. It was finalized in December 2004. In September 2004, Limbaugh was romantically involved with then-CNN news anchor Daryn Kagan; The relationship ended in February 2006.

After marriage to Fitzgerald, she dated Kathryn Rogers, a party planner from Florida, for three years; The couple got married on June 5, 2010. At the wedding reception held after the ceremony, Elton John hosted the wedding guests for a reported $ 1 million fee; however, Limbaugh denied on the September 7, 2010 radio show that the $ 1 million figure was correct.

Rush Limbaugh Death & Cause

Limbaugh was diagnosed with advanced lung cancer on January 20, 2020, after experiencing his first shortness of breath on January 12. He announced the diagnosis on the air on the radio show on February 3; He stated that he was planning to continue the program “normally and competently” while receiving treatment, accepting that he would miss the interview time to enter the treatment.

On October 20, 2020, Limbaugh announced that his attempts to treat cancer are no longer cancer-free, his diagnosis is fatal, and a timeframe has been given for when he should expect to die (he did not disclose this prognosis publicly). Limbaugh di