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Mike Hastie
Mike Hastie

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A Vietnam War veteran Mike Hastie afraid of American brutality during a protest in Portland, Oregon on Sunday morning, while pepper was sprayed by federal agents.

A photographer was taken by journalist Andrew Kimmel because he faced a group of heavily armed Department of Homeland Security agents outside of the federal court in Portland city center before dawn on Sunday.

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Mike Hastie, who served as an army doctor in Vietnam, screamed at agents that stood a few yards away when a federal officer suddenly approached him and wet his face with things that looked chemically irritating.
Hastie briefly jerked as she took off her glasses and rubbed her face.

Viral Video

Several nearby people offered to help him. Last weekend, the video went viral, showing federal agents using a baton to defeat Navy veteran 53-year-old Chris David.

David, 53, said that after seeing the gruesome street footage of federal officials traveling in the city of Oregon in unmarked cars, he was pulled into protest on the night of July 18 after he dismissed the demonstrators from the streets and sprayed them with a gas bomb.
As a former service member, he said he wanted to speak to the agents openly about why they had so blatantly violated their vows to protect and serve.

However, when Portland approached a group of agents outside the federal courthouse, he said one officer beat him with a truncheon, breaking his hand in two places and squeezing chemicals into another.

“I wanted to ask them:“ Why don’t you comply with the Constitution? ”David told Reuters.

But we never went there. They hunted whales like a punching bag from me. ‘

The incident that took place early Sunday morning took place on the 59th night of the protests in Portland; this tore the fences surrounding the federal courthouse in the city center. The federal police released tear gas, rubber bullets, and tear gas to the angry crowd, which is estimated to be about 5,000 strong.Protesters start their nighttime restlessness earlier than previous nights.Until 22:30, federal police started spraying canned aerosol pepper spray on the crowd. When these protesters did not stop, federal agents fired thousands of bullets. The night started as usual. Around 21:00 a group of protesters would normally listen to the speakers from the BLM movement. About an hour later, the protesters moved to the federal building, and hundreds of people began to shake the hedges. A few minutes later, the federal police appeared and began their habit of throwing tear gas cans and rubber bullets into the crowd.