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Milan Loncar
Milan Loncar

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Milan just graduated from Temple University and worked in construction management. His girlfriend, Olivia Gorski, called her a ‘soul mate’ as she burst into tears during her seizure. “He was my soul mate and I don’t think I had a plan without him anymore,” said Gorski, fighting with tears while being comforted by Milan’s mother Amy Lounsberry. The couple was planning to live together next month. Gorski told the Daily Mail that there will also be a wedding. Amy described her son as ‘a dear sweet boy who has just started his life’.

“Self-sacrificing, constantly smiling. … He is so charismatic and kind,” said 27-year-old sister Jelena Loncar, who lives a few blocks away from her brother, to the Inquirer. Instead, he believes the incident was ‘deliberate, just to kill him’.

Keya Sadeghipour, dean of Temple’s Faculty of Engineering, said: “Our university is saddened by a life that’s been cut so senselessly short.”

Milan Loncar Arrested

A guard was held on Friday night, January 15, for a Temple University graduate student who was shot dead while walking his dog in Brewerytown. His family and friends came together with candles to commemorate the 25-year-old boy.

Milan Loncar was touring his dachshund-Chihuahua mix dog Roo on Wednesday evening, January 13, when two suspects trying to rob him searched for him and killed him when they found nothing. The Loncar had every opportunity to escape and had no chance to physically defeat them, but they still hit him in the chest.

Police said Loncar tried seeking help and then dropped his phone. He was still holding his dog’s leash when they arrived. In the surveillance video of the incident, suspects can be seen walking on the sidewalk when they suddenly catch Loncar. Later, a suspect could be seen shooting her. A reward of 20 thousand dollars has been announced to the person who can help with the location of the suspects.

Family members had revealed that Milan’s house keys and cell phone were found at the scene. He didn’t have his wallet on him – he’d left it at home.


A GoFundMe fundraising event titled “Milan Loncar’s Bounty Fund” has been set up and “The money raised will be used to increase the proposed reward to encourage someone to highlight what they know.” The fundraising event raised more than $ 52,000 of the $ 25,000 goal.

“Just before 7 pm on January 13th, his little dog Roo, 25-year-old Milan Loncar, was killed in cold blood. Milan did not respond when approached by two. Only a block away from his home, they searched his pockets at gunpoint, and he obeyed. When it turned out that Milan had nothing of value to him, they killed him. With every opportunity to escape and Milan had no chance to physically outwit them, they STILL chose to shoot him in the chest at close range. Of course, the purpose of a bullet wound in the chest is not to be injured, but to be fatal. ”

Also, “His killers did not know Milan. They did not know how deep this would create a vacuum for those who knew him and what a loss it would be for those who had not yet met him. But what they knew was that he was alone and he would not be able to defend himself. A young man walking his dog is a purpose. There is no place in society for those who see it as something other than a tool for people.

Who shot Milan Loncar?

According to the latest news, a person has been arrested in connection with the murder. Philadelphia Police arrested a person in Brewerytown earlier this week. Reports say there will be a murder charge and also a second suspect is still being sought. For now, no details about the suspects have been disclosed.

CBS3 Philadelphia reporter Joe Holden tweeted that two people were detained and three brothers were brought for questioning.

“Philadelphia Police said Milan Loncar, who was walking his dog while his killers tried to rob him, was detained at the murder table on Wednesday evening, and instead shot him and ran away. The department did not identify the defendants, ”and another tweeted,“ UPDATE: Philadelphia Murder Unit told me 3 siblings brought in for questioning in Milan Loncar’s fatal shooting / robbery attempt. Investigators said one of them would be charged with murder. Detectives are currently looking for the second murder suspect per murder. ”