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Millie Weaver
Millie Weaver

Millie Weaver Wiki – Millie Weaver Biography

Millie Weaver is a conservative filmmaker who was arrested at her home in northeast Ohio hours before she was scheduled to air her new documentary Shadow Gate on YouTube. Weaver claimed he had uncovered a plot against President Donald Trump by two major political parties and would explain how the documentary worked.

Millie Weaver Arrested

The timing of his arrest sparked online conspiracy theories, and critics wondered if the arrest was related to the Shadow Gate documentary. Heavy confirmed that Weaver and his wife were arrested on August 14 for serious crimes, including robbery and domestic violence, at Portage County Prison. There is no evidence that his arrest is documentary-related.

The Portage County Sheriff also confirmed via e-mail that Weaver was arrested over an indictment by the Portage County Grand Jury. Heavy reached out to the county prosecutor’s office to get a copy of the statement.

 Millie Weaver & Her Husband

Millicent Weaver and her husband were arrested by the Portage County Sheriff’s Office on August 14. Mahkm records show that they were booked at Portage County Prison around 1:50 pm.
Interfere with evidence
Obstructing justice
Domestic violence
Weavers was kept without ties over the weekend. Although it was unclear whether they would appear physically or remotely to court, they were expected to face a judge on Monday, August 17.

Weaver is a mother of two children. The officer at Portage County Prison had no idea who was taking care of the two children while their parents were behind bars.

She Was Under Arrest Has Spread Online

Author Mike Dice, who wrote a 2019 book called The Liberal Media Industrial Complex, posted a video on Twitter allegedly showing the moment when Weaver was arrested at his home. The clip, which went to Dice’s nearly 700,000 followers and was viewed 1 million times as of this writing, seems to have been filmed by Weaver himself.

In the clip, Weaver records the interaction of a deputy sheriff’s phone pointing to the ground. “Has a large jury blamed me?” He asks. For what? ”MP asked Weaver to take his shoes, and these documents would be waiting for them in prison. Weaver collaborates as one of his kids is heard making off-camera sounds.

As Weaver enters his home, he directs his comments to the audience. Guys, I don’t know what happened right now. The police just came to my house and said they arrested me. They said a big jury blamed me for something. I have no idea what happened. This is crazy. ”

Weaver then asks why nothing was sent in the mail and repeats his claim that he had no idea what the arrest was about. As we go out, Weaver says to the camera: “Guys, I’m literally about to give a big breaking news right now. I’m being arrested and I have no idea why.” Someone is later heard on camera telling Weaver that he was accused of theft. “Is it theft? For what?”

Weaver then turns his phone over to his two kids who are with another woman on the porch. His younger son cries as the lawmakers tell him to move towards the vehicle. The deputy said, “Let’s go to the car. I was more than good.” Weaver once again says “he has no idea what’s going on right now.” The video ends after Weaver says “please share this” from the audience.

Since his arrest, a GoFundMe campaign has been launched on behalf of Weaver to help pay for his legal defense. As of this writing, hundreds of donors had donated more than $ 33,000.

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One of the details that sparked intrigue online about Millie Weaver’s arrest was her arrest under a secret indictment. This is a standard procedure under Ohio law. The legal code explains that “secret indictments will not be written in name until the defendant is arrested.”

The process is as follows: After a large jury decides that an indictment should be made, the prosecutor proceeds with the case and a formal arrest warrant is issued. The indictment is usually kept secret until the defendant is arrested.

As Portage County Prison official explained to Heavy on the phone, details of the indictment are often made public when the defendant appears before a judge. The prison official explained that Weaver’s case started in the municipal court and was sent to the Common Pleas Court.

Millie Weaver Career

Weaver was named one of the “30 Most Influential Republicans Under 30” in 2017 by Newsmax. The site described him as an “old model” “who made a name for himself as a political activist, reporter, and satirist.”

Newsmax stated that Weaver “is best known for his contributions to Infowars.com and videos on his YouTube channel.” Containing videos supporting theories about a corrupt “deep state” and claiming that the uprisings in Minneapolis were pre-planned by “leftist radicalization” groups, his channel now has more than 400,000 subscribers.

Weaver has been contributing to Infowars since at least 2016. The site describes him as one of its reporters and said he will “make a statement when there are more details” about Alex Jones’ arrest.

Weaver also visited the White House at least twice. She shared on Instagram in January that the White House staff invited her to tour the West Wing. He partially wrote: “I am glad that my hard work is appreciated and appreciated! We really have the biggest country and the greatest President! # Trump2020.” Weaver wrote about another visit on March 7: “It was nice to be back to the White House. Great things are coming! Stay tuned.”