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Mohammad Anwar

Mohammad Anwar Wiki – Mohammad Anwar Bio

Mohammad Anwar is an Uber Eats driver who died when he was thrown out of the car onto the sidewalk after girls aged 15 and 13, according to officials. The youth are charged with grave murder and armed car theft and remain in detention until the next court date on 31 March.

The incident that happened on Tuesday, March 23rd was recorded in a video that is now circulating. Girls, aged 13 and 15, are in Washington D.C., used by Mohammad Anwar. targeted his car. They allegedly harassed the driver and then acted to steal the vehicle.

Anwar’s “This is my car!” You hear him shouting. … When the engine starts revving. Young people put him down as the terrified audience stares. You see Anwar hanging on the front door of the vehicle… and then you hear the accident. The car was next to it and the young people got out. Anwar is lying on the sidewalk, mortally injured.

It’s unclear why the girls target Anwar, who picked them up from Navy Yard Metro station at 4:30 PM. On Tuesday, they took them to the area around Nationals Park, close to where the fight began.

Mohammad Anwar was a Pakistan Immigrant

It was announced that Anwar, who immigrated from Pakistan in 2014, died. An Uber spokesperson said, “This tragic news devastated us and our hearts met with Mohammed’s family at this difficult time. We are grateful to the suspects who were arrested, and we thank the Metropolitan Police Department for their care in this investigation.”

Mohammad Anwar Death

Authorities said that 66-year-old Anwar died after being thrown from the car to the sidewalk after girls aged 15 and 13, stunned him and still clinging to Honda’s side.

A 1:27 minute mobile phone video recently posted on social media starts with Anwar standing next to the parked car, apparently trying to get one of the teens out from behind the wheel while the other may be dressed in pink. seen in the passenger seat.

Thieves! Anwar can be heard yelling as he leaned against the dark colored Honda struggling with the teenager in the passenger seat. “This is my car!”

Seconds later, with the driver’s car door open and Anwar half way in and out, the car accelerates.

Mohammad Anwar GoFundMe

Anwar’s family created a GoFundMe account and said, “[He] was a dear husband, father, grandfather, uncle, and a friend who always smiles when you need it. He leaves behind a family that loves, loves and misses him so much, near and far away.”

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