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Mohammed Hamzy
Mohammed Hamzy

Mohammed Hamzy Wiki – Mohammed Hamzy Biography

Mohammed ‘Little Deli’ Hamzy, 35, suffered a stab wound Friday afternoon at the John Morony Prison in northwest Sydney. Violent footage emerged of the Life Partner gangster being stabbed in the chest by a prison inmate.

Mohammed Hamzy CCTV Footage

CCTV footage obtained by Nine News shows Hamzy talking to a prisoner when another prisoner with a bucket hat approaches and stabs him in the chest four times. The attacking prisoner was also reported to be a member of the Brothers For Life gang and used a ‘gun made in prison’ to stab Hamzy. Hamzy pushed back the assailant before a prison guard started capturing the shaking prisoner.

He then attacked, and while the guard tried to separate the two prisoners, he punched the attacker four in the face.

Mohammed Hamzy Arrest & Charge

During the attack, a 34-year-old man suffered bruising and minor injuries, while he was treated at the scene for non-life-threatening stab wounds to his chest. Both men were hospitalized for treatment.
Hamzy is in prison for shooting his old friend and gang member Yehya Amoud in 2012.
Stabbed from a Brothers For Life member indicates an internal feud within the gang.
Mohammed Hamzy is the cousin of Mejid Hamzy, who was shot at around 7.30 am on Monday at Simmat Street in Condell Park, southwest of Sydney.

He is also the cousin of Bassam Hamzy, founder and leader of the violent Sydney gang Brothers For Life.

NSW Police said they were summoned to the correctional center around 2 am on Friday after news of the attack.

The statement said, “Officers from the Nepean Police District Command have identified a crime scene and the detectives have launched an investigation into the circumstances surrounding the incident.”

The police investigate whether Mejid was killed as part of a drug war with a rival crime family or from an ongoing vendetta in the Brothers For Life.

Earlier this week, Mejid’s cousin warned that more blood could be shed in the streets after the skirmish on Monday.

I hope there is no retaliation. It’s going to get very ugly, I’ll tell you that, ‘the cousin told Daily Mail Australia.

The cousin said that Mejid had nothing to do with his younger brother Bassam.
Bassam is serving 40 years in prison for a series of crimes at Goulburn Supermax, Australia’s highest security prison.
Bankstown Police Chief Inspector Darren Sly told reporters that they were concerned about Mejid’s retaliation from his partners.

“The police are always worried that there might be repercussions in situations like this where we have public fire, but if we can, the police will do their best to try and stop it.” Said.