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Molly Steinsapir
Molly Steinsapir

Molly Steinsapir Wiki – Molly Steinsapir Bio

12-year-old Molly Steinsapir suffered a terrible bicycle accident on January 31, 2021, and suffered a traumatic brain injury, after which she was hospitalized and is currently undergoing treatment.

Molly Steinsapir is the daughter of Santa Monica-based attorney Jonathan Steinsapir, who is currently a partner of Kinsella Weitzman Iser Kump & Aldisert (KWIKA) LLP and Kaye Ellen. Jonathan is known for representing the Michael Jackson Mansion in a jury trial that defended American record producer Quincy Jones’ allegations that the Property paid Jones underpayment following the tragic death of the King of Pop in 2009. Molly’s mother Kaye is also a lawyer. According to his LinkedIn profile, LLP works for Bryan Cave.

Molly Steinsapir Family Statement

Her mother wrote on Twitter: “Please. Please. Please. Everybody pray for my daughter Molly. She had an accident and had a brain injury. Unconscious in ICU. Please RT and PRAY”. A social media user looking for Michael Jackson’s fans: “This 12-year-old young lady is the daughter of Jonathan Steinsapir. She’s involved in a horrible bike accident and needs # MJFam’s prayer. Please pray for her. # MJFam supports Molly. and praying for a speedy recovery. ”

Kaye is also a writer and a breast cancer survivor. Kaye tweeted a photo of a copy of George Orwell’s ‘Animal Farm’ and said, “Molly has been a vegetarian and passionate animal lover since her toddler childhood.” Talking about what Molly loves, Kaye posted a photo of her daughter dressed as Jasmine from Disney’s Alibaba, saying, “Musical theater, swimming in the ocean, playing with her dog and cat, sleeping with her best friend, lots of things. She’s a really cool girl.” Hawaiian. Responding to a post by the CEO of Magic Cream Hawaii Shira, Kaye posted a photo of Molly and her siblings on the beach, in response to a post mentioning Molly in her prayers. “We visit the islands every year. Molly loves the ocean. We have many happy memories of our trips there,” she said. “I am following the accusation proceedings next to him today. Molly has a keen interest in government and politics and wouldn’t miss watching it. She would reveal everything to her friends and classmates,” she said in a February 11 post.

Molly has two younger brothers, Nate and Eli. In response to her liking for one of Mark Hamill’s tweets about Molly, Kaye says the three are Star Wars ‘super fans’. He said, “Thank you for considering him.” The 12-year-old patient, currently a neurosurgeon at UCLA Santa Monica Medical Center. Being treated by Anthony Wang. On February 1, Kaye tweeted that Molly would stay in intensive care for at least ten days.