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On Sunday, photos of MOMOLAND idol Nancy were released in a 500-member Discord group, and the pictures were of her K-pop idol’s undressing. Realizing this, fans immediately marked the user for sharing the same thing,

and it was brought to the attention of Nancy’s agency, MLD Entertainment. However, photos shared on Discord soon spread to other communities, and fans learned that the photos were taken by a staff member of Nancy. This sparked fan ire, prompting the agency to release a statement regarding their stance on the issue.


“Hello. This is MLD Entertainment. Nancy’s illegally manipulated photos have recently been circulated online and on social networking platforms.

Nancy is the victim of inappropriately captured and manipulated photos. The person who needs protection is first and foremost. We ask the agency. He said in the statement, a heavy heart for your cooperation. Not only that, but they also claimed they would seek help from legal authorities to take further action.

In the statement, “We will also initiate a strong legal action against the first person who posted the photos and those who contributed to the dissemination of the photos.

Through a legal representative, we will also take a strong legal action against the Law on Special Cases of Sexual Crimes, etc. Filing a lawsuit for damages for the circulation of materials deemed pornographic by the Law on Information Protection. And violates personal rights. ”


The statement also said, “Nancy is currently experiencing severe emotional turmoil. We sincerely ask you. We wish to put an end to malicious posts that harass our artist.

We will continue to make every effort to protect our artists from additional damage through constant monitoring. Also, our legal proceedings are intolerant and compromise. We want to express our gratitude to our fans who have always loved and supported our artists. We will continue to do our best to make sure that our artists are personal and given. Rights. ”


It was also rumored that pictures were taken while Nancy was in Vietnam as EmCee for the 2019 Asian Artist Awards. According to a report in AllKpop,

the Asia Artist Awards organizing committee also apologized and said, “We will actively collaborate with Vietnamese and Korean law enforcement authorities to punish the individual who took the illegal photos and videos of Nancy,

along with those who were at the beginning. We will cooperate with his agency to continue to pursue and cooperate with civil and criminal legal proceedings against malicious postings against him to prevent further harm. We apologize for this unpleasant incident and apologize to Nancy’s worried fans. ”