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Murtaza Nazir
Murtaza Nazir

Murtaza Nazir was shot dead on August 28 in Bagshaw Road, Stechford, a short distance from her home. Two women, 49 and 22, were arrested on suspicion of aiding a criminal after Murtaza Nazir’s fatal shooting.
Nazir, 26, was later shot and found.

Murtaza Nazir Shot Dead & Investigation

Investigating the fatal shot of a Birmingham father, detectives arrested a man on suspicion of murder. The mansions were told that they thought it was a series of fireworks, just before 20:00, before following a ‘riot’ on the street.
A murder investigation has been launched, and detectives have now arrested a 22-year-old man from Birmingham, who is suspected of Nazir’s murder.
Two women, 49 and 22 years old, were also arrested on suspicion of helping a criminal.

All of them are in custody.

Detective Chief Inspector Scott Griffiths, from the agency’s homicide unit, said: “Our search for Murtaza’s murderer was not interrupted, and this is an important step forward for our investigation, but we still need all knowledgeable to come forward.
“We need to understand what caused this tragedy and find everyone involved.”

You can contact the police via Live Chat on their website or by calling 101 at any time.

Crimestoppers can be contacted anonymously on 0800 555 111.

After the conflict, Nazir Bey’s ruined family said, “Our lives are shattered and our hearts are broken. We are united as a family and we are trying to heal, but the process will not be easy.” As a family we just lost a father, husband, son, brother, friend and protector we did not have.

“Everyone who knows him will have their own unique memory with it, and that will get them through these difficult times.”

Speaking shortly after the incident, Detective Chief Inspector Griffiths said it was “a shocking crime that caused the death of a young father”.

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#ARRESTS | Detectives investigating the fatal shooting of Murtaza Nasir in Stechford last month have arrested a man for his murder.
Mr Nazir, aged 26, was fatally shot on Bagshaw Road on 28 August.
Since then officers have worked tirelessly to find those responsible and last night a 22-year-old Birmingham man was arrested on suspicion of murder. Two women, aged 49 and 22, were also arrested on suspicion of assisting an offender.
They all remain in custody today for questioning.