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Amazon Girl Mycah Keyona Wade Wiki Age biography

Mycah Keyona Wade biography

Mycah Keyona Wade is 22 Years Old girl belongs to Crowley city From Texas, She was working as a Truck Delivery driver of Amazon. The suspected arose on Mycah Keyona Wade Wade When She was delivering packages in Weatherford, Texas, on July 5. Mycah Keyona Wade Wade fired and arrested after police say she stole a dachshund from in front of a Texas couple’s home and attempted to sell it online.

Mycah Keyona Wade Age

She was 22 years of age.

Mycah Keyona Wade Arrested and Fired

Police issued a warrant for Wade’s arrest after identifying her with the help of private security footage. Mycah Keyona Wad turned herself in and admitted to stealing the dog, according to an affidavit.

Around that same time, an ad showed up on Craiglist for a dachshund for sale for $70 in the area, which authorities believe was posted by Wade.

Mycah Keyona Wade Boyfriend

Wade was delivering Amazon packages with her boyfriend, Devanta Lynn Mooring, 23, when they spotted RJ in the front yard of a home.In crime case of Stealing the dog her boyfriend Mooring was also with her. Mycah Keyona Wade Boyfriend also fired from Amazon, but has not been charged with a crime.

Mycah Keyona Wade Footage for stealing dog

Wade snatched the dog from the street in front of the home, Huffman said. A landscaper who reported having a conversation with the suspect about the dog and private security footage from the neighborhood helped police identify Wade.

Mycah Keyona Wade Theft RJ Dog

The dog, named RJ, had earlier escaped from the home when its owners had left to run an errand. When the dog owners realized that RJ was missing, they enquired with construction workers nearby, who mentioned the accused and the white van she was driving.

When the Phillips Owner of the dog noticed RJ was gone, they asked the workers who were still outside what happened, and they mentioned the white van.

Neighbors with a doorbell security camera who recalled people in a white van making a delivery that checked their footage and saw Wade

Mycah Keyona Wade Ads for selling dog

Around the time that the dog went missing, an advertisement showed up on Craigslist for a dachshund on sale. Although the seller’s name and contact information were not listed in the ad, the police suspected it to have been put up by Wade. “There was no contact information, but we’re pretty sure it was RJ that was for sale on Craigslist for $100,” Parker County Sheriff’s Property Crimes Investigator Ethan Stark said, Daily Mail reported. “The ad immediately changed once I contacted the suspect,” the officer said.

Fast Facts You Need To Know

  • Mycah Keyona Wade, 22, of Crowley, Texas admitted to stealing a dachshund
  • Neighbors with a doorbell security camera checked their footage and saw Wade 
  • Police allege that after  RJ was stolen, Wade tried to sell him on Craigslist for $70 
  •  RJ was reunited with his owners on July 9 and Wade was arrested on July 16
  • She was charged with theft and she was fired from Amazon 

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