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Mytrez Deunte Woolen
Mytrez Deunte Woolen

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According to a report from the Smith County Sheriff’s Office, police identified the suspect as 21-year-old Mytrez Deunte Woolen, who caused a heavy assault, a heavy assault and serious bodily injury and first-degree death while displaying a deadly weapon.
Smith County Sheriff Larry Smith said a person accused of murdering a pastor of a Texas church on Sunday was hiding from the police in the church’s bathroom after a quick chase the night before.

Mytrez Deunte Woolen Arrested

The sheriff’s office found that the murdered pastor was 62-year-old Mark Allen McWilliams from Frankston, Texas.

Law enforcement said that 21-year-old Mytrez Deunte Woolen was charged in the incident. In Smith County Prison he is charged with terrorist threat / death by other serious crimes, severe assault causing severe bodily injury and aggravated assault with a lethal weapon. It is held on a $ 3.5 million bond collectively.

There was an upcoming court date due to the assault on a family member / household member by drowning in Woolen’s Tarrant County. He would appear on January 13, according to court records.

Smith said the Lindale Police Department responded to a call about a dark Volkswagen Jetta Saturday night, when the alleged driver waved a shotgun from the car window. The driver was spotted by a lawmaker at a gas station in Lindale trying to stop the suspect. The suspect ran away after the police. Smith said the chase occasionally exceeded speeds of 120 mph.

The Jetta headed east on Interstate 20 and exited on Hwy 271. The “donut” or spare tire blew and caused wreckage. Sheriff Smith then fled into the forest near Starrville church, he says.

K-9 officers and several other organizations followed the suspect but lost him after crossing a stream. They found one of his shoes in that area.

Father McWilliams and his wife and several others arrived at the church before the commencement of the day’s rituals and woolens were found. The priest confronted the suspect when he entered the church’s bathroom. The priest was armed and the suspect was standing on the ground, but he was distracted and Woolen was able to jump at McWilliams and grab his gun. Smith shot the pastor deadly, he said. Another person was shot and taken to hospital. A third person, the priest’s wife, was injured in the fall.

The suspect got into the pastor’s GMC truck as he escaped from the church. As the truck was relatively new, it had ONSTAR capabilities. Law enforcement contacted ONSTAR and stopped the truck at Marshall.

The suspect was later detained. Smith said he was treated at a local hospital for a burn-type wound on his hand and was then taken to Smith County Prison.

On Sunday morning, PIO Larry Christian of the Smith County Sheriff’s Office confirmed that an incident of shooting occurred at Starrville Methodist Church on FM 16 in Winona. The 911 call came at 9:21 am.

At a press conference, Sheriff Larry Smith said that the priest, his wife, and others came to the church before the morning ritual. The priest opened a bathroom door and found a man from the church hiding inside with a red bank bag.

The sheriff said the priest drew his gun and ordered the man to stop, but the man could jump on the priest and grab the gun. At this point Smith shot the suspected pastor and a person before escaping from the church and stealing a vehicle from the church’s parking lot. He added that another person was injured in the fallen church.

Smith explained at the press conference that after the shooting that took place on Saturday night, law enforcement had learned that the man was hiding in the church. Smith said the man was ruined during a chase and walked into the forest. Drones and dogs were brought in to assist the search, but authorities were unable to find the suspect hiding in the church as we know it now.