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Nadia Zhukova

Nadia Zhukova Wiki – Nadia Zhukova Biography

Nadia Zhukova went viral by wearing her risky outfit while working in the male coronavirus ward and found her bosses raped so that she did not “comply with medical dressing requirements”.

She won a disciplined Russian nurse modeling contract because she wore only underwear under transparent PPE at work

Nadia Zhukova Age

She is 23 years old.

Nadia Zhukova Viral Picture

Nadia complained that she was “too hot” in her distress at the hospital in Tula, and her sentence was withdrawn after an angry reaction from the public against her chief discipline. Now he not only continues his business but also poses as a model for a line of Russian sportswear. The pictures show that the best FSB security service officer is wearing ZASPORT sportswear, a brand founded by the daughter.

The picture of Nadia taken by a patient went viral
The picture of Nadia taken by a patient went viral

Being viral all over the world was “just awful”, but she praised her medical colleagues for their support, and the first disciplinary move against her was reversed by the flooding of support.

Nadezhda Zhukova. He explained to the officials of the Tula Regional Clinical Hospital that it was “very hot” to wear clothes under his vinyl outfit, which prevented him from contracting and spreading the coronavirus among patients. Believe it or not, it’s just “no complaints” on the men’s wing, where it works according to local reports. However, hospital managers promised to discipline Zhukova for “not conforming to medical dressing requirements”.

Since the cheeky stunt, Zhukova has become an icon for rescued nurses everywhere. Therefore, the Russian sportswear brand Zasport, worn by the country’s Olympic athletes, touched the nurse for an advertising campaign linked to Russia’s healthcare worker day and was celebrated annually on June 21.

A 23-year-old  has now received a modeling contract with a sports agency. she was initially raped by hospital bosses because of the “failure to comply with the medical clothing requirements”. The nurse complained that she was “very scorching” in her hazmat robe, and her sentence was withdrawn after a slight reaction from the public to be disciplined. Now he claims that he will not only protect his business but while a Russian sports activities pose as a model for the clothing line, he also plans to review it to become a healthcare provider.

Nadia Zhukova Statement

Zhukova claims that despite her new modeling gig, she had always hoped to work in health care.

“Ever since I was little, I have wanted to become a doctor. I treated my dolls, loved to play doctors and nurses,” said the 23-year-old model, who started as a scrub nurse in 2018 after graduating with a nursing degree — although she intends on going back to school to earn her doctorate.

“I can’t still decide though what to choose — pediatrics or anesthesiology and resuscitation,” she said.

“Many people ask me if I am afraid to get coronavirus,” said Zhukova, whose day involves patient injections, drug distribution, temperature and blood pressure readings, and other supportive tasks. “I have no fear now. I’m just doing my job.”

“Of course I recognized myself [from unnamed reports] and closed all of my accounts in social networks, but I did not clear cache in VKontakte [Russian social media channel] so some photos … leaked into the press,” she said.

“I didn’t answer the calls from unknown phone numbers. I didn’t read the news … The journalists called my friends, tried to find out some information about me,” she explained.

She told readers that the hospital staff supported her and again defended her generously covered brushes.

“They know only too well how it is hot to work in protective equipment in summer. It’s like you pass a few hours in sauna, it’s getting hard to breathe and to move,” said Zhukova

“By the way, that day when the photo was taken, I didn’t wear a bikini — I wore a sports top and shorts,” she added.

Who is Anastasia Zadorina?

The founder of the 31-year-old clothing brand Anastasia Zadorina called Nadia “one of the symbols of the coronavirus period”.

“This is a young, beautiful, and very brave girl who has made a great contribution to fighting COVID.”

Zadorina, 31, daughter and brand of FSB colonel-general Mikhail Shekin, “Topol is not afraid of sanctions” and “Sanctions? Don’t tell my employers ”. Despite her new reputation and role as a model, however, Nadia is determined to work to become a doctor.

“My goal is to go to medical university,” she said.

“I will apply this summer…

“The main thing for me is to become a good doctor and help people.

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