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Nakotah LaRance
Nakotah LaRance

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Nakotah LaRance, the champion hoop dancer who traveled the world with Cirque du Soleil, returned to New Mexico to coach young dancers, died at the age of 30. LaRance, whose father was Steve LaRance, Tewa, Hopi, Navajo and Assiniboine, died on Sunday after accidentally falling off a bridge in Rio Arriba County, New Mexico.

Nakotah LaRance Career

Indian Country Today reported that Nakotah LaRance started dancing at the age of 5. His father took him to a powwow where he met champion hoop dancer Derrick Davis, who made the first hoop set and started teaching him how to dance.

The local circle dance involves making complex wings by rotating and throwing the hoops and turning them into shapes like wings, tails, an open crocodile mouth, or globe.
“The circle dance is a healing ceremony,” said Steve LaRance. “A super energy coming out of the performance gives people another feeling about them, what they see and even about themselves.”

One of the actions of Nakotah LaRance was to create a sphere with several circles and toss it into the air, then step into the circles while turning down and turn it into wings.

“Nakotah was known for delivering fearless and exciting performances,” said Dan Hagerty, director of strategic development and planning at the Heard Museum in Phoenix. “Taking risks in the pulley arena has resulted in unforgettable performances and will remain a favorite of fans forever.”

LaRance started competing as a youth at Heard’s annual World Championship Hoop Dance Contest. He won the championship title in each category and won the adult division, which won the title of three-time World Champion in 2015, 2016 and 2018.

LaRance also appeared on NBC’s “Tonight Show” with Jay Leno, who led some acting roles, including Steven Spielberg’s 2005 television series “Into the West.”

In 2009, at the age of 20, Nakotah became the lead dancer with Cirque du Soleil and traveled the world in his shows for more than three years.

“It really did the best,” said George Rivera, a family friend and co-founder of a youth dance group. “Most people would never have been able to shoot whatever they could, even if they were dancers. And his training to Cirque du Soleil only gave him another dimension of gymnastics and athletic abilities. ”

LaRance later returned to the north of New Mexico and created a youth group called Pojoaque Youth Ring Dancers Pueblo. He also worked as a master trainer in Yıldırım Children’s Foundation Youth Hoop Dancers.

“His greatest love is to give back to the Native American youth as a teacher who is the mentor of the Indian hoop dance,” said Steve LaRance.

Nakotah LaRance Cause of death

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