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Nathan Murphy
Nathan Murphy

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Middlesbrough woke up when Nathan Murphy from Northern Ormesby heard a chaos outside his home and mistakenly thought his 11-year-old niece was kidnapped

Naked Nathan Murphy woke up when he heard a commotion outside his home and was afraid of the worst.

Middlesbrough’s 29-year-old action from Northern Ormesby acted so much on the fun of neighbors when it turned out to be a false alarm.

His family believed that they heard a screaming van screaming, yelling “ mom ”, thinking that he was 11-year-old Lucy Murphy.

Adrenaline-fueled Nathan was so panicked that he ran towards his father Michael Murphy’s car to chase the white van and his legs fell under him trying to open the door.

Unannounced fear, however, turned into acute embarrassment when the indifferent Lucy walked to the front door and two-year-old Nathan, 29, had to mingle with her curious neighbors.

Retired masonry Michael, 64, has shared about 500,000 views on Facebook and funny CCTV images that have attracted over 14,000 likes, shares and comments on Facebook.
However, some commentators were puzzled by the reason why seeing a white van means everyone was kidnapped and questioned whether the family was ‘paranoid’.

Nathan said: “I was asleep and all I heard was screaming when I woke up.

“I opened the window and thought someone was done or stabbed or something else.

“I jumped over the bed, tried to find my clothes and bought a T-shirt and flew down thinking it was just the bottoms.

“When I was in front of him, I heard ‘kidnapping’ and thought ‘wow, this is serious’.

“I am a big lad, carrying 18, but I can move when I need it, and because the adrenaline runs through me, I have weakened and fallen on the legs.
“When someone entered, my father’s car doors locked automatically, so I started screaming to get up and go in because I was naked and half the street was looking out.

“When I got into the car, I saw Lucy turning around the corner, so I went out and then the shame started.

“I felt stupid and I was thinking, ‘I hope one of the mothers is not reporting to me,’ because all his children saw my downstairs and I didn’t want to register.”

The confusion happened when Nathan’s sister, full-time mother Natalie Murphy, believed to hear a ‘mother’ shot and screaming like my daughter Lucy when she stood near a van at 5.45.

CCTV footage shows her terrifying foursome mother ‘crying and running on the road from this Lucy’.

Unemployed Nathan hears that he wants to know what’s going on before accidentally grabbing the shirt instead of pants and leaping out of the car to chase.

After a completely naked faceplant, while daddy letting 40-year-old Natalie enter the car, yelling “ here ”, Lucy asks calmly walking over the park, asking what the fuss is about.
After seeing that her naked niece is safe, she rushes out of the car and rushes into the house to prevent curious looks from neighbors.

Relieved Natalie can be seen on her way home, carrying her two-year-old daughter Kalise Grange. Lucy laughs with ‘the king and everything left out’ and aunt 26-year-old aunt Demi Murphy.

Living a minute walk with Lucy, Kalise and nine-year-old Millie Murphy, Natalie said it was the ‘worst nightmare of the mother’, but in seconds she went to panic.

Natalie said: “There was someone who booted and discussed in the van, then I heard ‘mam’ and thought someone was taking it behind the van.

“My heart skipped a jump, it was very scary. I was shouting ‘Lucy’ and then he came to the corner and said, ‘My mom, I thought something was happening to you.’

“Obviously this was a great relief, then I was walking back home and the next thing I know was naked outside of Nathan is naked.

“I couldn’t stop laughing, but at least I know you’re taking my back and I know it will be there for me.
“I asked him what he was doing if he really did, and he followed the van because he would be boxing naked with someone.”

The Murphy family found the CCTV footage ‘funny’ when they watched it again after about 20 minutes, and Nathan now sees the funny side.

Nathan said: “When my dad said he had the video, I said ‘no’.

“I watched the video and remember that I thought, ‘Don’t put this on Facebook, everyone will see.’

“But then with everything going on, I saw his big picture and thought it would be a good laugh and a little joke for people.”

Michael’s Facebook post said: “I know I shouldn’t laugh. We thought one of the grandchildren was kidnapped in a white van at the bottom of our way.
“Watch out for Nathan running naked. We moan at him. I know this can be serious.”

Facebook users filled the video with comments sharing how funny they found the clip when they realized there was a false alarm.

Emma Rankin wrote: “Well, my God, I can’t stop laughing, he didn’t even put his clothes in the car, he pulled out the car I cried.”

Danielle Mayall commented: “Hahaha ffs, I don’t even know you, but I literally laughed at this and cried.

“If I thought that one of my kids was dragged into a van, I would do the same thing, but that was the way of his smile by telling someone to laugh. I can’t cope.”


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