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Navy Roberts
Navy Roberts

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Navy Joan Roberts was born after a brief escapism between Hunter and Lunden, who met at Mpire Club, a strip club in Washington DC in late 2017. According to reports, Lunden became pregnant when she broke up with Hunter’s ex-sister. Father-in-law Hallie Biden, married to his late brother Beau Biden.

Lunden gave birth to the Navy in August 2018. Hunter had denied being Navy’s child at the time of birth. However, after DNA testing, it was confirmed that he was the father of the Navy. According to the Daily Mail Hunter, Roberts has never met the boy, never seen a photo of him, and “was unable to identify the boy from a series of photos,” as stated in the court files.

When Joe Biden was declared President on November 7, he invited his family, including six grandchildren, to the stage. However, among the disappeared of America’s next First family were the robber Lunden Roberts and Hunter Biden, a two-year-old separate daughter, whom he had never accepted as his blood.

The Daily Mail shed light on Hunter’s child, sailor Joan Roberts, who lives in the Arkansas countryside but is kept away from the Biden. Reports say the girl was raised with her mother’s family in the utmost privacy. So far, the toddler has never been publicly discussed, but the Daily Mail announced that the Navy’s aunt posted a rare photo of her on Facebook in August this year.

Navy Roberts Career

Lunden later applied for alimony after giving birth to the Navy. Court documents accessed by The Sun revealed that Hunter had paid an undisclosed sum in monthly alimony and health insurance after the courts had decided that he had to pay. The Daily Mail reported that the amount of alimony was around $ 2.5 million.

In 2018, the boy’s identity was hidden and was named “Baby Doe” for privacy. Lunden Roberts’ lawyer told the Daily Mail about the child’s upbringing: “I can confirm that Ms. Roberts is fine and that the child is healthy, cute, loved, safe and very happy.”

A special investigator who claimed to know the Hunter-Roberts court agreement said that it did not include promises of extra security or further engagement between Navy Joan and Bidens. Researcher Dominic Casey told the Daily Mail that he helped Roberts by providing information about Hunter’s finances. The minister also said that Roberts started deal negotiations that ended with receiving $ 2.5 million. “The boy won’t get any more, Joe doesn’t recognize him as his blood. “Hunter doesn’t do that, despite the DNA result.” There was no contact with the child. It was like that from the beginning and it hasn’t changed. That’s wicked, ”Casey said about Bidens and the boy.

Lunden Roberts and her only daughter reportedly lived in a four-bed cabin-style house in Arkansas, located on a secluded five acre farmland. Navy lives with the grandparents of Lunden’s parents Rob and Kimberly Roberts, both of whom are blue-collar jobs, except for Lunden’s mother. Roberts reportedly spent the first part of his settlement buying a brand new three-bed family home for just under $ 200,000. Whether this is the house where they live has not been confirmed yet.


In August 2020, Roberts’ sister Randi Jo posted a rare photo of the Navy Joan on Facebook. According to reports, the face of the toddler was removed from the camera in the photograph to preserve its anonymity. “We all live under the same sky, but we don’t all have the same horizon,” he said, alluding to his nephew’s extraordinary lineage to the mighty Bidens family. “Aunt Raemi loves you more than you can imagine … and so is your mother.


Joe Biden has six grandchildren – Natalie, Hunter, Naomi, Finnegan, Maisy, and Beau – except Hunter’s supposedly beloved Navy. They all come from his two sons Beau and Hunter.