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Neshan Johnson
Neshan Johnson

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According to a statement from the DA’s office, Neshan Johnson and the 14-year-old boy said that a criminal attempt to commit two first-degree murders and first-degree murder faced extreme indifference and many other charges.

“They left him for dead,” said Pamela’s brother, Alex Cabriales.

Family members said that CBS4 Cabriales was back home from dinner with a friend at the time.

According to police documents, a witness saw someone emerge from a dark, four-door Honda, Cabriales walked to the passenger side of the Range Rover, fired at least six rounds, and then returned to the vehicle leaving the scene.

Police officers later found Cabriales’ SUV in the right lane, with eight bullet holes in the windshield and two bullet casings on the ground.

“I still can’t understand what made someone do this,” Alex said. Bad.

Just after midnight, a DPD officer found the dark, four-door Honda heading north on Federal Boulevard near Exposition Avenue. According to police documents, the police officer investigated a conflict that got into a McDonald’s restaurant the previous evening and recognized the vehicle from surveillance footage of the restaurant.

After a follow-up, officers arrested Johnson and the other two children. According to a possible cause statement, investigators believe the 14-year-old was the hit man while Johnson was driving the car.

Neshan Johnson Arrest & Charge Murder Of Pamela Cabriales

32-year-old Colorado mother Pamela Cabriales was fatally shot in the head while sitting in her SUV, and authorities arrested two teenagers in connection with the murder.

Pamela Cabriales allegedly jumped out of her car and opened fire on the 2008 Land Rover SUV on February 20, according to a possible cause statement from the Denver District Attorney’s Office. She got shot in the head. She was seriously injured and later died in the hospital.