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The relationship between Nestor Galban and Gaetz is not entirely clear. In a 2020 interview with People, Gaetz said that Nestor came to the US as a 12-year-old boy after his mother died of breast cancer (he legally refused to go into details). “Our relationship as a family is defined not by any paperwork but by our love for each other,” he refused to formally adopt him, saying. However, the two live together in Florida.

Since Gaetz disclosed the existence of Nestor, he often described him as “I cannot imagine loving him if I had my son in every way imaginable and now I have my own flesh and blood.” As Gaetz refuses to give any further details, there are still many gaps here. We don’t know how Nestor got to the US and how he was allowed to do so without being adopted. According to Gaetz’s personal accounts, Nestor is called a son, but on Gaetz’s Congress office account he is described as “a remarkable young man” and “part of my family story.”

The closest we came to knowing Nestor’s true identity happened during one of Gaetz’s ‘Hot Take’ podcasts. There, she describes how Galban was the brother of an ex-girlfriend and “Sometimes I feel like a single step-parent.” It is unclear who the ex-girlfriend is, which makes it really difficult to keep track of the accuracy of the claims. Gaetz goes on to say that Nestor was spending time with Gaetz, his family, and Gaetz’s sister.

In an interview with People, he says that Nestor lived with him for four years after coming from Cuba. He then moved to Miami for his third year and lived with his biological father. He advocated keeping Congressman Nestor out of the public eye and told People, “Think about it: you’re 12 years old, your mother just died, you’re learning English while trying to set foot in school. It’s just not the right time in middle and high school to subject her to politics.

It has become political support for the now 19-year-old Gaetz. Gaetz angrily said at his meeting with Louisiana Representative Cedric Richmond in 2020, “Are you sure that none of us have children of color because you are thinking about your Black son and saying that none of us can understand? This moment made Gaetz a target for memes and jokes, and for the first time, Nestor. “For those wondering, this is my son Nestor. We don’t share blood, but it’s my life. He came from Cuba (legally of course) six years ago and lives with me in Florida. I am very proud of him and growing. it was the best, most rewarding thing I’ve ever done in my life. ”

Now, Nestor has magically reappeared as Republicans fight against lockdown measures despite the increase in COVID-19 cases. Nestor is also Gaetz and Donald Trump Jr. Since then he has rarely been active on Instagram and Facebook.

Nestor’s social profiles don’t go into much detail about him. She lists her hometown as Havana, Cuba on Facebook and says she attended Choctawhatchee High School. She moved to Troy University in 2019 to study nursing. While Gaetz maintains his low profile on social media, he says Nestor is “very eager to be publicly identified as my son in a way that everyone agrees.”

Is Nestor really kept a secret? Not exactly. According to Gaetz, “My friends know that I have a son. Those who go to church with me know that I have a son, and my football parents know that I have a son.” Gaetz, it seems, is nothing more than a caring and protective parent who has the best interests of the little ones at heart. However, that didn’t stop him from being brutally trolled on Twitter, and many called him “political support”.

Florida rep Matt Gaetz allowed freshman ‘son’ to go on spring break at Panama City Beach

Representative Matt Gaetz is not married, but claims to have an adopted son named Nestor. Florida Congressman first brought Nestor up on the House floor in June 2020, in a heated exchange on African-Americans subjected to police violence. Now, Nestor is back in the public eye as Gaetz appeared on Fox News to defend the spring breakers that flocked to Florida despite the increase in COVID-19 cases.

In his brief appearance, Gaetz said, “My son is a college freshman. He didn’t have a real graduation, he had no prom, and I struggled with letting him enjoy a spring break on the beach in Panama City. criticized for using his son to make a statement.

‘Calling Nestor his son is fiction’

‘Nestor’, many referring to the relationship between Gaetz and Nestor, quickly became a trending topic on Twitter. One user tweeted, “Matt Gaetz has no adopted or natural son. Calling Nestor his” son “is a fiction to hide the awkwardness of a man having no legal relationship with his living boyfriend.”

Another tweet, “Nestor is NOT Gaetz’s son. He never adopted him. Nestor has a real father who is still alive. This is the most gaseous of all gas lamps. But more importantly, the #MattGaetzIsATraitorousTool.” One user said, “Nestor is an adult, isn’t it? Who should” allow “Representative Gaetz to travel? That doesn’t sound healthy.” Another said, “Damn – I thought having a son named Nestor was a running joke. That poor scum boy.

Another user tweeted, “Nestor is like one of the Cullens in Twilight. When @RepMattGaetz, she continues to graduate from high school many times.
it needs political support. “This was echoed by another user,” I love that he says he kept Nestor secret to protect it from political scrutiny, but now he only raised him twice and the point to make it political every time. ”

Gaetz’s sister, Erin, also tweeted Nestor’s photos, and the Republican found an unusual ally in Democratic Representative Katie Hill. “He talks more about Nestor than anything else, he’s done a lot for his son, and he’s a really proud dad,” Hill said while defending Gaetz on Twitter. Despite all the trolls, Gaetz doesn’t look like he’s going to back down, defending Nestor like a real father, even if he isn’t.

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