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Niamh Mulreany, 25, and Kristie McGrath, 30, were arrested at Dublin Airport on Friday after returning from Dubai, where they were treated at King’s College Hospital.

A judge ordered the two mothers to isolate them in hotels for two weeks and confiscated their ‘refusing quarantine’ passports after flying to Dubai to get chest jobs.

According to the Irish Independent report, the judge said yesterday as he went to the Tallaght District Court that the mothers visited Dubai for breast augmentation surgery.

Niamh Mulreany Age

He is 25 years old.

Fast Facts You Need To Know

  • Niamh Mulreany, 25, and Kristie McGrath, 30, refused to quarantine in a hotel 
  • Visited Dubai for breast enhancement surgery and arrested in Dublin on Friday
  • Current rules say those traveling outside country must quarantine for 14 days
  • A court ordered the pair to complete their quarantine and return to court on April 9 

Niamh Mulreany Arrested at Dublin Airport

Under current travel restrictions, those traveling outside the country are required to quarantine for 14 days, and failure to do so could result in a £ 1700 (€ 2,000) fine and a one-month prison sentence.

The two, both from Dublin, claimed that they had investigated and followed the travel rules, but were arrested on Good Friday and were later charged with violating Covid-19 regulations under the Health Act.

Mulreany, mother of one child, and McGrath, mother of two, had PCR tests performed as required before returning to the UK and had negative results.

Despite this, they were stopped at the airport and were not allowed to board a UK plane.
Instead, they were asked to pay £ 1,573 (€ 1,850) to quarantine a hotel on their return to Ireland’s capital.

After claiming they had no money to pay, they stayed at the airport for a few days while their families tried to help them get back home.

Mulreany’s father, Eddie, discussed the matter with the State Department and other government officials – eventually providing the mothers with a flight home.

However, when their spouses returned to Dublin, they were asked to quarantine again, but refused to sign the documents and were arrested.

Although Garda allegedly spent several hours explaining the current travel restrictions to women, they did not comply and were subsequently charged. Both of them did three negative Covid tests. A judge gave them bail but set a few conditions yesterday.

The two had to surrender their passports and were banned from international travel.

If they don’t do a negative PCR test after ten days, they were ordered to go to a quarantine hotel for two weeks.

They should also keep in touch by phone and their trial will continue at the Dublin District Court on 9 April.

Garda was consulted for comment.


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