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Nicki Stone
Nicki Stone

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Nicki Stone, also referred to as Nikki Stone, was withdrawn from a protest and an 18-year-old trans woman thrown into an unmarked van by NYPD officers in a viral video on Tuesday (July 28th). After being detained for five hours, he was released from prison at around 1 a.m. on Wednesday, July 29, and was greeted by cheering protesters.

Nicki Stone Age

She is 18 years old.

Nicki Stone Viral Video

The videos of the chaotic scene, which has a distinct similarity to the controversial tactics used by federal officials to arrest demonstrators in Ore, Portland, Ore, quickly became viral. While protesters who witnessed the incident described the incident as “kidnapping,” some elected officials in New York, including Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-N.Y.), Worsened the actions of officers and asked for further clarification from the NYPD.

Nicki Stone Video Background Story

Stone, 18, participates in a peaceful protest against police brutality, as well as a reported crowd of 200-300 people on Tuesday. When the protest came to the corner of Second Avenue and East 25th Avenue in Manhattan, he faced the police. The police grabbed his teenager, pulled him from his skateboard, dragged him into a van and used tear gas to other protesters who followed.

As an unmarked Kia van screamed to stand near protesters marching in Manhattan on Tuesday evening, the surprise of the demonstrators quickly became alarmed. Several New York Police Department officers, wearing t-shirts and shorts, got out of the van and caught one of the protesters, according to the videos the audience shot.

Nicki Stone Arrest & Charge

Around 18:00 on Tuesday, July 28, Stone was walking with other protesters from the Bay of Kips when taken on suspicion of destroying four police cameras at City Hall Park on June 30. The video posted on social media showed at least four plainclothes police who took Stone to a silver KIA minivan as other protesters tried to intervene.

Police said the Warrant Team routinely “used unmarked vehicles to effectively locate suspects sought”. In a statement on Twitter, the police department added that the detained woman “wanted to damage police cameras during 5 different criminal events in the Municipal Park and its surroundings”, confirming that their officers used an unmarked van.

Police claim that other protesters began throwing stones and bottles while trying to arrest Stone during the arrest.

Sources said that Stone was later guilty of writing to the cameras at City Hall Park.

She was also charged with various numbers of graffiti and criminal misconduct between June 19 and July 6 in four separate incidents, including those alleged to be in Oculus between June 19 and July 6, and on an F-train on 63th Street and Lexington Street. He was shot.

The defendant vandal has been detained by nearly a dozen Black Lives Matter protesters, including the movement’s New York leader Hawk Newsome.