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Oneida Cooper Wiki – Oneida Cooper Bio

Oneida Cooper is a South African model, psychologist and former swimmer for the South African national team. She is an aspiring contestant for Miss South Africa 2020. Oneida Cooper is a clinical psychologist, model, and former swimmer for the South African national team. She submitted an offer to enter the Miss South Africa 2020 pageant.

Oneida Cooper Age

Oneida Cooper was born on March 1, 1993.  She is currently 27 years old

Oneida Cooper Family

Oneida Cooper’s father is Dr. Sathasivan Cooper, who was a political prisoner on Robben Island during the apartheid era, while his mother is Carol Wilson. Oneida Cooper has a brother named Athisten Cooper.

Oneida Cooper Racism allegations

Oneida Cooper is being dragged online by comments she made about women and the use of the n word. “S / o foolish idiots who get pregnant by them will be thugs who fell from …” he wrote in a post. Social media users say Oneida, a former professional swimmer, is not suitable for representing women or South Africans. Oneida-gate comes a day after Bianca Schoombee withdrew from the competition after tweets she made six years ago were labeled racist and offensive. He has since apologized for his comments. ‘Oneida Cooper Must Fall’ was trending at number one on Thursday morning. He has yet to make a statement, but Twitter users had a lot to say.