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Patric Ferguson
Patric Ferguson

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Patric Ferguson, 29, is accused of fabricating and falsifying evidence for first-degree murder, first-degree murder in gross kidnappings, particularly severe abduction, the abuse of a corpse, and the death of 30-year-old Robert Howard. The Memphis Police Department announced on Saturday night.

An alleged Memphis police officer on duty used his own gun to force a man into the back of a squad car, went off and then fatally shot him.

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He is 29 years old.

Patric Ferguson Arrested

Howard’s girlfriend reported that he disappeared on January 6 after not seeing him for more than 24 hours, according to police. He told the authorities that he followed the cell phone to a place where he found it, not Howard.

According to officials, the police opened a Missing Persons investigation supported by the homicide bureau “due to the circumstances surrounding the victim’s disappearance”.

Police Officer Patric Ferguson was charged with the murder of Robert Howard.
The Memphis Police department did not specify how they linked Ferguson to Howard’s disappearance, but said they had located the police after a “thorough investigation”.

The relationship between the two is unclear, but officials said Ferguson was “known” by Howard.

“No one is above the law. It is devastating to know that a Memphis Police Officer who swears to protect and serve has made the decision to commit this terrible crime. Director Michael Rallings said in a statement his actions were not belonging to a law enforcement agency and should not be reflected in other officers.

“Our inspectors responded quickly and did an extraordinary job of identifying the responsible suspect. This is an example of the professionalism and dedication that is displayed every day. Whoever you are, our inspectors will conduct a thorough investigation and seek justice for all victims.”

Ferguson, who had worked with the Memphis Police Department since October 2018, was immediately fired.

Joshua Rogers, 28, has been accused of allegedly helping Ferguson carry Howard’s body.