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Patricia Alatorre
Patricia Alatorre

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A man from Inglewood was arrested for the disappearance of 13-year-old Patricia Alatorre. Alatorre disappeared near Wible Road on Wednesday, July 1, 2020. and Hosking Boulevard.

Patricia Alatorre Age

Patricia Alatorre is 13 years old.

Patricia Alatorre Missing

13-year-old girl Hosking Ave. and disappeared in the Wible Road area, and according to the police, Cruz owns an old, old model pick-up that was seen leaving the area at the same time and place. last seen.

Alatorre went missing Wednesday, July 1st, 2020, near Wible Road. and Hosking Avenue.

Patricia Alatorre Suspect Armando Cruz Arrested

Armando Cruz was arrested on suspicion of murder, sexual assault, and kidnapping in the disappearance of Patricia Alatorre.

Late Sunday night, Bakersfield Police Department said Alatorre had captured a white van seen at the time and place where it disappeared on Wednesday night. The truck is allegedly taking them to Cruz, who was detained for questioning in Los Angeles County. Bakersfield California reported that he was arrested Monday morning.

Police have not said if the remains of the girl have been found, but Cruz has been booked on 11 felonies and a misdemeanor, according to Kern County jail records.

In addition to first-degree murder, rape and abduction, Cruz commits a sexual crime, oral mating with someone under the age of 14, immoral or sensual acts with a child under the age of 14, illegal sexual intercourse, depicting a child engaged in sexual behavior, exhibiting harmful substances to a child, contact with a child to commit a sexual crime and mutilation of all remains, heavy remains. A misdemeanor is a single number to destroy or hide evidence.

Police Investigation

The next day, the Bakersfield Police Department responded to his report that he was missing. BPD said Alatorre was a fugitive. Later, the police found surveillance video showing an old model white truck. Detectives say they believe Alatorre got on the truck.

“There will be no stones at this point in the investigation,” said Bakersfield Police spokesman Robert Pair.

Investigators said the evidence turned their attention from Inglewood to 24-year-old Armando Cruz. Officers found Cruz and questioned him yesterday. At the end of the interview, BPD said they had arrested Cruz for murder, kidnapping, and other charges.

“Any investigation into a child as a victim, and especially when it comes to death, is terrible not only for police officers but also for people with families,” said the pair. “I can’t imagine what Patricia’s family is going through right now.”

Eyewitness News reached Patricia’s family, but they said they were not ready to talk about the case.

The police are asking anyone who can help with the investigation to contact BPD at 661-327-7111.