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Peter Francis Stager
Peter Francis Stager

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Arkansas’s Peter Francis Stager was accused on Thursday of intercepting, blocking or interfering with a law enforcement agency for shooting down a uniformed Metropolitan Police officer guarding the entrance to the Capitol during the January 6 riot.

The MAGA rebel was accused of brutally beating a police officer with an American flag pole during last week’s siege of the Capitol Building and was arrested, saying “Death is the only remedy for whatever is in that building”.

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Peter Francis Stager Arrested

The FBI said in a court statement that the scene was spotted after videos showing the moment a Trump supporter was attacked by a gang and repeatedly shot a police officer on the ground on the steps of the Capitol.

In the clip, Stager, wearing a camoflauge patterned jacket, hits the officer repeatedly with a pole affixed to the US flag he carries.

Authorities stated that some of the rebels were sent to the police as ‘B.M.’ He said that when they caught this officer, identified as a man, when they pulled him down the Capitol stairs and hit him on his head and body, they ‘threw and shake various objects’.

In a second video posted on social media, Stager brazenly said, ‘Everyone inside is a traitor. Referring to the people in the Capitol, the only remedy for those in this building is death.

The FBI said one person recognized him in the videos and warned the authorities.

A second person also identified the man in the videos as Stager, allegedly speaking to the authorities after the riot and saying that Stager thought the person they hit him was part of the Antifa movement. ‘Metropolitan Police’ uniform clearly visible on the back of his suit.

The same informant told the FBI that Stager was going to apologize to his children and planned to turn him over to the police.

Stager made his comments about treason and death in the video that he was “tied” to his second informant with tear gas or tear gas.

The statement says Stager was “aware that he could clearly see the police signs on B.M.’s uniform and that the person he was striking was actually law enforcement agencies.”

Stager lives in Conway, a population of 68,000, north of Little Rock in Arkansas. At least the second Arkansas resident to face criminal charges in the riot.

60-year-old Richard Barnett of Gravette turned himself into the police because he entered the Capitol on Friday and entered Nancy Pelosi’s office and was photographed with his feet against his desk.

Stager was just one of several insurgents arrested on Thursday. 55-year-old retired Pennsylvania firefighter Robert Lee Sanford Jr. He was also charged with firing a fire extinguisher that shot three police officers. US Capitol Police officer Brian D. Sicknick, who died from injuries sustained in the riot, was injured in a separate incident, according to the Washington Post.

Photographed with a Confederate flag inside the Capitol, Kevin Seefried surrendered to authorities in Wilmington, Delaware, on Thursday morning.

He and his son Hunter Seefried are accused of misdemeanor for intrusion and erratic behavior. Hunter has also been accused of damaging property.

John Earle Sullivan, 26, from Utah, was also accused of entering the building and recording the moment when Trump supporter Ashli ​​Babbitt was shot by a police while trying to climb through an opening outside the speaker’s lobby.

In the video shared by Sullivan online, the following words are heard: ‘There are too many people. Let’s go. This [swearing] is ours! … Let’s burn this [swearing]! ‘according to the charge papers.