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Peter Heneen
Peter Heneen

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Peter Heneen is 29 years old and has been acting at the Polk County Sheriff’s Office for six years. Polk County deputy sheriff Peter Heneen was arrested on January 6, threatening to kill federal law enforcement and people he described as “tyrants” in connection with the violence that took place at the US Capitol in Washington DC, Polk County Sheriff reported. Office.

Peter Heneen Background

At a press conference Tuesday evening, Polk Sheriff Grady Judd said there was no evidence that Heneen belonged to any hate groups or that Joe Biden was planning to attend the inauguration ceremony in Washington, D.C.

Judd also said there were minor violations in his record, including several traffic accidents that Heneen was guilty of. He was also reportedly suspended for eight hours for disobedience to his commander for refusing to polish his shoes.

What was Heneen charged with?

Heneen is accused of making threatening comments on the uprising of Trump supporters who occupied the US Capitol in a Facebook private messenger meeting with another lawmaker on the night of January 6, according to the Sheriff’s Office.

His other aide delivered Heneen, reporting the threats to his commander.

Heneen has been accused of written threats such as murder, bodily injury or mass shooting or terrorist acts, which are secondary crimes.

Heneen will be released on bail after appearing before a judge for the first time.

Peter Heneen Arrested

On the day of the riot, Peter Heneen, 29, made threats in Facebook messages he sent to a deputy, according to the Polk County Sheriff’s Bureau.

Screenshots of messages provided by the agency show spoke of shooting “feds” in retaliation for the Capitol police shooting the rebels, adding that “turning DC’s streets red with the blood of these tyrants.”

Polk Sheriff Grady Judd said at a press conference Tuesday that Heneen, who had worked in the Sheriff’s Office for more than six years, was suspended pending her dismissal.

“As you can see, I’m angry beyond words,” Judd said. “… If you don’t police it yourself first, you can’t police society.” Screenshots of messages distributed by the sheriff’s office show Heneen, his deputy friend, whom the authorities did not name, “all other patriots and militia fight” against the federals. ” ”

“Every police or army standing on the road is an enemy,” he wrote. “We all made an oath [,] And if you violate it, you will be the same.”

In the messages, Heneen expressed his belief that the violence “is not over” and stated that he wanted others to target federal officials.

“He should have dragged these bullies into the streets and executed,” Heneen texted. “I’m sick of corruption.”

Judd said that Heneen later told his aide that he had a plan to “kill them all [cursing]”.

“I’m ready [swearing] next to my bed,” Heneen said in messages, showing screenshots. “… if they touch my family, I will cut their throats [.] I will make them suffer.”

When the other proxy replied that Heneen “gave your plans [to someone else] in a trackable app on your phone”, Heneen replied, “Yes, they’re listening, come get me !!!”
Judd said the texts continued to escalate, so he notified fellow lawmaker Heneen to his superiors on January 8.

“Our assistant who declared that this is a hero,” Judd said.

The investigation is still ongoing, but Judd said Heneen was not part of any organized group or militia force.

Heneen was arrested for second-degree felony for making written threats to kill, shoot or commit a terrorist act. The arrest statement was not made public on Tuesday.

The revolt occurred as Congressmen gathered to approve the results of the presidential election. A pro-Trump extremist flood crushed officials and plundered the Capitol. Dozens have been arrested since then, some now or former law enforcement.