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Peter Joyce
Peter Joyce

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A North Carolina man was kayaking the Waccamaw River on the southeast coast of the state, where a crocodile charged the canoe on Sunday (July 12th). Peter Joyce, an experienced rower, said that when he hit the crocodile’s boat and turned him, he discovered that he was not yet found in the river.

Fortunately, Joyce could fix her boats quickly and paddle, avoiding a more serious incident. The kayaker was wearing a camera and caught the whole incident in his video on YouTube:

Peter Joyce Video

In the video, the crocodile appears briefly and inverts before it hits the boat. Joyce said that when her boat collapsed, she could catch a tree under water to push herself down. If he had nothing to hold, “I would have turned it over. It could have been much worse. ”
The video shows that when he deserves Joyce’s boats, he has no signs of crocodile and can paddle. He said he felt his brush to the bottom of his boat, so he hit the side several times to scare him. “What I was thinking was going to go for a second shot or something else,” CNN said.

Peter Joyce Statement

He then accelerates through the water and throws Mr. Joyce’s canoe, pushes him and sends some of his body to the water.
Fortunately, he can use a nearby tree to keep himself upright. He told WECT News that the tree would ‘reverse’ even if it wasn’t for its existence.
He said: ‘I thought I heard a fish splashing into my breath – it turned out that there were no fish.’

“ About three meters from the boat, I removed the head of the gator, and that’s it, I didn’t have time to react. ”

If he hit and there was nothing to catch on my right side, I would turn it over. It could have been much worse. ‘ After Mr. Joyce stepped on his boat, the crocodile did not reappear and was able to continue his journey.He said his encounter made him more respectful of the creatures’ strength.

‘This was a continuous load about 20 meters away. He definitely made him think of his abilities a little differently. ‘

It comes after Florida woman Susan Geshel discovered two crocodiles fighting outside her home in June.He filmed the astonishing encounter and told her husband, ‘Joe, they’re fighting! Oh my god, they are fighting outside the door. About 20 minutes after her home, one of the crocodiles walked across the street to one neighbor’s house, while the other disappeared from the area and could go to a nearby pool, added.

Melody Kilborn, spokesperson for the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission, said that the fighting crocodiles reacted to being in a limited area.The reptiles that Kilborn says, the most visible when the weather is hot, tends to mate in May and June, according to the wildlife agency.