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Philippe Monguillo
Philippe Monguillo

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The French bus driver was named 58-year-old Philippe Monguillot after the attack of passengers who refused to wear face masks – said his wife ‘lives in the nightmare’. Mr. Monguillot, a three-year-old father, drifted from the driver’s seat and was brutally beaten by a gang of mouse smugglers while trying to enforce the rules of coronavirus on the bus in Bayonne. Five gangs of gangs identified by prosecutors as ‘more or less’ drug users face criminal charges but have not yet been made public. 58-year-old Philippe Monguillot met passengers who did not comply with a rule that requires face masks in public transport while riding without tickets until 19:00. On Sunday, Bayonne reported France’s Le Parisien exit.

Philippe Monguillo Age

He was 58 years old.

Philippe Monguillo Background

Ms. Monguillot said, “He can’t leave us like this, he would soon be 59 years old. No, you don’t do this on a bus ticket. You won’t kill for free like this! ‘ Monguillots is the parent of three girls, 18, 21 and 24 years old, and is supported by friends and colleagues who have established a support group. “Philippe was going to retire in a year and we thought we were going to buy a trailer in September,” said Ms. Monguillot, “I don’t want to face the facts … I feel alive, this is a nightmare.” Ms. Monguillot said the gang of five was known to her husband and had a discussion about unpaid wages earlier in the day.

Philippe Monguillo Death Incident

According to reports, he was dragged from the bus to the platform and was kicked and beaten by the group before he ran away. The source said to them, “When it came to them, a very unpleasant argument developed and voices rose and attacked the driver when everyone poured into the bus platform.” I said. Le Parisien reported that Monguillot was unconscious and brought to the hospital, where he was determined to brain death. His wife Veronique said that the couple’s life was “destroyed” by the violent attack. Black man said he was afraid of lyn lynching in the July 4th attack “He can’t leave us like this, he’ll be 59 soon,” said Le Parisien. “No, you’re not doing this on a bus ticket. This way you won’t kill for free. ” The sales point reported that five people were facing charges related to the terrible attack, but their identity was not released. Bayonne Mayor Claude Olive condemned the attack as a “barbarian” and said that the city is working to increase the safety of bus drivers. “Philippe was a great guy to protect,” said Olive.