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Phillip Thiessen
Phillip Thiessen

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phillip Thiessen served his country as former Fairfax, Virginia, police officer, US Maritime and agent with the Department of Justice in the state of Wisconsin. He died on a motorcycle, allegedly a hate crime, which the prosecutors said was targeting Thiessen because the suspect was white.

Authorities say the suspect, another driver, deliberately killed Thiessen for “targeting a white person.” Thiessen was only 55 years old. According to Fox 6, the suspect, Daniel Navarro, who voiced the complaint, talked about “recent events” and “racial climate in the USA”. He has recently been featured in the news, including racial tensions regarding President Trump. The television station is accused of saying, “If Trump and white people are going to create a world as we live, then there is no choice and people will have to die.”

Phillip Thiessen Age

He was 55 years old.

Prosecutors Say the Suspect Careened Into Thiessen’s

rosecellers claim that Thiessen was targeted because of his race. According to WJLA-TV, the suspect Daniel Navarro, 27 years old, “deliberately inflated his truck” to Thiessen’s motorcycle because all Harley drivers believed to be “white racist.”

Online court records show that Navarro has been charged with a hate crime criminal enhancer, dangerous weapon use, and first-degree deliberate murder that endangers first-degree blatantly.

The tragedy occurred on July 3, 2020, when Navarro was accused of hitting Thiessen’s motorcycle head, according to Fox 6, who added that there was no evidence that Thiessen was targeted because July 6 was a former police officer. According to Fox 6, the complaint claims that Navarro also made strange explanations, saying “he deliberately contaminated a chemical sterilizer on a jacket by a business chief in Ripon a year and a half ago”. He also claimed that he could “hear one of his neighbors making racist comments through the walls,” and also claimed that “those who poison him, give him acid and racist comments make him the Caucasus and target him.” Mexican. ”

According to Fox 6, the complaint also said that Navarro was “thinking about targeting a white person and killing them with a vehicle earlier that day,” and “he chose a motorcycle because he wanted the person to die”. people ride motorcycles ”and“ Harley culture is made up of white racists. ”

Bail was set at $ 1 million. Court records say Navarro also came from Fond du Lac, Wisconsin. He previously had a case for irregular behaviors that were rejected and included competence assessment. There were traffic crimes before.

At a press conference, Fond du Lac prosecutors discussed the case. A preliminary hearing is scheduled for July 17.

The prosecutor called the case “very tragic”. He said that a witness remained with the victim until help arrived.

“Justice is what we seek,” he said.

Fairfax Police Department

“It is with a heavy heart that our department announces the passing of retired Sgt. Phil Thiessen. Sgt. Thiessen retired in 2016 and was killed last night in a motor vehicle accident in Wisconsin,” the statement read.

“He not only served the citizens of the City of Fairfax with honor from 1990-2016, but also served in the United States Marine Corps. As you can tell by this brief array of photos, he had a great sense of humor and was quite the character. You will be missed by many Phil.”