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Rakayo Alandis Vinson

Rakayo Alandis Vinson Wiki – Rakayo Alandis Vinson Bio

According to the Kenosha County Sheriff’s Department, Rakayo Alandis Vinson was arrested on Sunday and charged with one first-degree deliberate murder. He is being held in Kenosha County Prison.

The sheriff’s department in Kenosha, Wisconsin, identified 24-year-old Rakayo Alandis Vinson on Monday as a suspect in a shooting Sunday in which three people were killed and three were injured.

Rakayo Alandis Vinson Age

He is 24 years old.

Rakayo Alandis Vinson Arrest & Charge

The filming took place just before 1 pm on Sunday at Somers House, 1548 Sheridan Rd. Another gunfight took place on the street in Somers village and outside.

The Kenosha County Sheriff’s Department said that late Sunday afternoon, it learned that there were six fever victims and at least one unknown fever victim. Three people were killed in the conflict and three more were hospitalized with firearms.

Two of those shot died on the spot. Another tried to get to the hospital but died on the way.

The bar is popular with students attending nearby Carthage College. The college was locked out, but this deadlock was later lifted.

Shooting Victim

According to the sheriff, 26-year-old Cedrick Gaston, 26-year-old Akeem Stevenson and 27-year-old Kevin Donaldson were identified as the three killed. At least three people were injured by firearms.
Vinson is accused of opening fire at the Somers House Tavern on Sheridan Road in Wisconsin early Sunday morning.

Three of the victims were hospitalized with a firearm, and police said there might be at least one other possible unknown victim.

Two of the victims died on the spot. The third victim ran away in a car with other people, but later died on the way to the hospital.

Family late Sunday identified one of the victims who was killed as Cedric Gaston. He was a little more than two weeks away from his 25th birthday and was a regular at Somers House, family said.

His brother and the mother of his son were in shock late Sunday.

“He was messaging me last night at 11. He wanted me to drop our son off to him today. And then by 1 o’clock, I was hearing that he was dead,” said Katrina Haun. “They took my best friend away from me. My son has to grow up without a dad.”

“He was very loved, lovable – he loved his kids. He loved his nieces and nephews. He loved his girl,” said the victim’s brother, Cartier Gaston.

Cartier Gaston said all of the victims were friends.

The identities of the suspect and the other two victims have not been released. But we have seen several neighbors who live nearby laying flowers and trying to piece together what happened.

“Pretty close to midnight, I’d just crawled into bed,” said witness and neighbor Peter Ploskee. “Next thing you know, I hear just a bunch of shots going off.”

Those shots, of course, claimed three lives. The chaos of the moment was vaguely captured from afar on Ploskee’s Ring doorbell camera.

“Look out the window and just see people running from the bar in every direction; people screaming,” he said.

Ploskee was witnessing from across the street what witnesses like Heidi Wittwer were experiencing from inside.

“All I saw was we were told to duck and then everyone started running, and we all just ran – very fast,” said Wittwer, a Carthage College student.

Local and state response was swift, but information about the suspect has been slow to come out.

County Sheriff David Beth said the shooting took place after a man was removed from the bar.

“At first, there was a fight that broke out between two individuals right next to the bar,” Wittwer said. “They were removed by security.”

Officials believe the shooter left and got a gun or multiple guns and returned to the bar and started shooting.

“Everything was fine for about 15 or so minutes, and then we were told to duck – there was a shooter,” Wittwer said.

Detectives and other law enforcement officers spent the day conducting interviews and collecting evidence from the crime scene – including impounding several vehicles.

Meanwhile, the emotional toll from the night on those who witnessed the shooting was clear.

“I really hope people take away that they need to wake up,” Wittwer said. “I mean, this is ridiculous. There shouldn’t be shootings at a college bar.”

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