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Rapper Bris
Rapper Bris

Rapper Bris Wiki – Rapper Bris Biography

Bris Rapper is an American Rapper from Sacramento, California (United States). He began composing songs at a young age. However, his career in the music industry was short. At that time, he created the best songs like Panhandling and Need Hammy. He saw that many people follow and like him and his musical compositions. Moreover, he worked hard in the industry as a rapper. However, he died on June 21, 2020. An unknown gunman opened fire on the north side openly. The criminal attacked him to fulfill his intention to rob. Still, 18-year-old Bris was seriously injured in the fire and died on the spot. The medical team came to save him, but his life could not be saved.

Rapper Bris Shot Dead

He was shot dead in a neighborhood south of Sacramento. The police report said that the officers responded to the fiery call at 12:42 am near Franklin Avenue and Fruitridge Road. Police found rapper Bris with gunshot wounds and was announced to have died at the scene. There was evidence of a single-vehicle accident related to fire nearby.

Rapper Bris Career

Bris was one of the rising voices of his city after helping rappers like Mozzy shed light on Sacramento’s budding hip-hop scene. Bris worked with G-Man for the 10.42 mixtape highlighted by the duo’s “Blood Brothers” music video. Bris said to HYPEBEAST after the video was released, “The whole album is real n *** songs.” “N *** is like the real shitty of us. Taking risks to deal with a bag, dealing with opps, losing their n ***. ” ALLBLACK will continue to remix “Blood Brothers” later in the year and help Bris to gain momentum for his only “Sparked A Fuse”. He will remember songs like “Panhandling” released in August 2019 and “Lightning McQueen” since July 2019, and both deserve multiple hearings. Last week, he left his last image for “Need Hammy”, which you can watch above.