Rapper Offset arrested for ‘possessing a loaded gun’

Rapper Offset Arrested
Rapper Offset Arrested

Rapper Offset arrested for ‘possessing a loaded gun’

Rapper Offset was detained by police while driving at a Trump rally in Los Angeles. The 28-year-old noted that he was pulled aside by officers in Beverly Hills Saturday afternoon.

In a video shared on Instagram Live, the rapper refused to get out of his car while being questioned by the police – one of them had a gun pulled. This officer told Offset that he ‘shook guns at people’ as he passed through the area. He said Trump fans hit his car with a flag.

Rapper wife Cardi B was also seen in videos shot by the audience at the scene.

In a statement, the Beverly Hills Police Department told DailyMail.com that the person arrested for the alleged crime was actually Cardi B’s cousin, Marcelo Almanzar. Shortly after 5:00 pm, Beverly Hills Police received information from a passerby from a person pointing a gun at him from a vehicle. A passerby handed the vehicle a plate and the vehicle was stopped by patrol units a short distance away. After the crime scene investigation, the passenger in the vehicle [Almanzar] was arrested. ‘ Almanzar is now accused of Carrying Concealed Weapons and Carrying Loaded Firearms in Public. It is held on a $ 35,000 bond. It is unclear whether the pro-Trump rally was trying to intimidate or provoke its members. Cardi B is a prominent Joe Biden supporter.

Fast Facts You Need To Know

  • Offset, 28, was detained as he drove through a MAGA rally in Beverly Hills on Saturday; his wife Cardi B was also in the area at the time
  • His Instagram Live shows him being ordered out of his vehicle by cops responding to reports that he was ‘waving guns at people’
  • However, it was Cardi’ B’s cousin, Marcelo Almanzar,  who was subsequently arrested
  • Almanzar has now been charged with Carrying a Concealed Weapon and Carrying a Loaded Firearm in Public
  • Offset and Cardi B married in 2017, but they have split and reconciled multiple times in the three years since 

In Offset’s live video, he can be heard saying to officers: ‘I’m a fucking celebrity, do you know who I am? I’m walking away from [hip-hop trio] Migos. ‘ He continued: ‘You told me to raise my hands, I’m not doing that. 25,000 people [watching] on my live stream. You will sue the public. ‘ Another of the cops then reached into Offset’s car and tried to open the door from the inside. You can not do this! This is illegal! ‘Star shined. I will sue you. Do you know who I am? asked the officers. The flow ended with the officer opening the door and Offset coming out. A separate video showed him being handcuffed while staring at a crowd of Trump fans.