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Rebecca Landrith
Rebecca Landrith

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Pennsylvania State Police said the body of 46-year-old Rebecca Landrith was found on an interstate 80 eastbound ramp in Union County on Sunday. A forensic officer said that an old model found dead on an interstate ramp in Pennsylvania was shot several times.

Rebecca Landrith Found Dead

According to Union County Coroner Dominick Adamo, an employee of the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation joined the scene before 7 am, just after seeing the body near the ramp on the shoulder of ramp 199.

Forensic medicine confirmed to Newsweek that Landrith was a former model and had been shot multiple times in the head, neck and chest.

The state police said in a statement that Landrith lives at an address in Virginia and is affiliated with several states, including South Dakota and Utah. They added that he was wearing blue maternity jeans, a purple shirt, and a black leather jacket when found.

Police said the investigation was escalated to murder on Monday.

Forensic expert Dominic Adamo told The Patriot-News that Landrith’s death was considered a murder and believed he was killed elsewhere before his body was thrown onto the highway.

According to the exit, neither the police nor District Attorney D. Peter Johnson can fully confirm that they believe Landrith was killed.

However, the police said it was “released” on the interstate ramp.

Johnson said that the researchers identified Landrith by following the paperwork found on his body. He added that his death seemed new and no cause had been determined.

State police did not say if he was a suspect, according to the Harrisburg-based newspaper.

Various modeling websites provide information about Rebecca Landrith, although Newsweek cannot verify whether these were linked to the victim.

A biography on a site states that Landrith is a professional model in New York, has appeared in more than 50 fashion shows, and was a finalist for Miss Manhattan in 2014.

Landrith also said on an iStudio web page: “I love fashion and the industry and I am a warm weather person with a warm heart. I have worked with some really great photographers and great people in this industry.

“I love outfits and I have a great wardrobe to style and incorporate into the shots. I know high fashion brands and I have great shoes with all my outfits.”

His brother, George Landrith, told The Patriot-News that he was born in Alexandria, Virginia, the youngest of five siblings. He said that he broke up with the rest of the family five years ago and knew little about his life since then.