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Rebels Bikie, the senior Western Australian Rebels cyclist, was shot dead in front of several witnesses at a motorsport event in Perth. WA Police were summoned to Kwinana Motorplex after news of a gun attack just after 20:30 yesterday.
The Motorplex was hosting the Outlaw Nitro Challenge and attracted families, including children, to watch the nitrogen-powered dragsters race.

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He was 31 years old.

Rebels Bikie Shot Dead

WA Police said on Sunday that 51-year-old Martin and a 31-year-old man were shot dead at the Perth Motorplex on Kwinana Beach on Saturday after 8:30 pm local time.

Motorplex was hosting a drag race event on Saturday evening.

Both men were hospitalized in Perth, but Martin, accused of financial misconduct and losing the Rebels’ presidency, died.

A five-year-old boy, sitting on the lap of an adult sitting next to Martin, also suffered superficial injuries during the shooting.

WA police commissioner Chris Dawson said the authorities would do everything possible to prevent retaliatory bikie attacks after Martin’s death.

The person who carried out the attack has not been found yet.

Nick Martin had lost his status within the Rebels outlaw motorcycle gang; he was a long-term president and was shot a few years ago, ”said Dawson.

We should all be angry with this violent criminal behavior.

“Any cyclist can guarantee that he will make much more contact… they are already under serious police pressure, and that pressure will increase.”

In March 2011, when Martin arrived on his Harley-Davidson motorcycle home in Balcatta, he was shot in the arm. A Rock Machine bikie gang member was sentenced to more than six years in 2012 for being shot.


The three victims were treated at the scene by paramedics, but Mr. Martin did not survive his injuries.
The other man, former Gold Coast Bandido, 31-year-old Ricky Chapman, was hospitalized by ambulance to be treated for gunshot wounds.

A five-year-old boy sitting next to bicycles on the lap of Mr. Martin’s wife was treated by paramedics for a “minor wound” but did not need to be hospitalized.
According to WA Police Commissioner Chris Dawson, the boy was not related to any of the two bicycles, but was there with his family.
The commissioner said that the boy is now home with his family and that he is “healthy in terms of the injury”.

“The community is rightly outraged at this kind of violent criminal behavior by a crowd in Western Australia,” Dawson said.
“This is not Western Australia we want to live in.”

He said the pursuit of the shooters would be “brutal” as he called on the police to hand over any participant with information or vision of the incident to the police.
Officers are not yet sure who was behind the attack,

and detectives did not rule out the possibility of a hit from the Rebel camp.
Other members recently accused Mr. Martin of abuse of funds, and nearly two months ago the Mongols were accused of the mass separation of members.
Police said the perpetrator could even be a hitman from the eastern states. They believe the sniper fired a single precision long-range shot at a crowd of hundreds, and then escaped without a trace.

Mr. Martin was admitted to the hospital after a violent clash with Hells Angels sergeant Dayne Brajkovich at the Scarborough bar last month.
Mr. Brajkovich, a former Thai boxer, was accused by the National Anti-Gangs Team of ‘fighting in public for causing fear’.