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Reta Mays
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Reta Mays is a former nursing assistant at Clarksburg VA Medical Center in West Virginia, who was convicted of killing seven veterans through insulin injections between Tuesday and 2017-2018. Also, according to the defense agreement, she was found guilty of attacking another veteran with the intent to be killed.

According to West Virginia Metro News, the charges against May 46 were resolved on Tuesday before pleading and came after a two-year federal investigation.

US Attorney Bill Powell told reporters on Tuesday that at the end of the investigation, one-to-one appointments were made, where patients were given insulin. Despite Mays’ rejection of the charges until July 13, Powell said, “He eventually led to him in any case.”

Reta Mays Killed By 7 Veterans Via Insulin Injections

According to Mays’s federal remuneration document, he started working at VA Hospital in June 2015; worked the night shift in a surgical ward and dealt with a number of diabetic patients. In June 2018, another employee at the medical center raised concerns to his superiors about a few patients exposed to hypoglycemic deaths – a condition caused by injecting too much insulin. An investigation was launched and, according to the document, was expelled from the role of Mays.

According to the Ministry of Justice’s statement, Mays did not have the authority or license to administer insulin to patients.According to the news of the WSOC TV, although Mays was only collected from seven people, a total of 11 suspect veterans died in the medical center. Shen admitted that he injected the eighth veteran who died later with insulin.

Mays Signed a Plea Agreement

According to the deal, Mays confessed to the murders of six veterans and two murders, defined only by their initials.

According to the deal, he injected 82 insulin into Edge around July 20, 2017. Edge was diabetic, but insulin was not prescribed; According to the document, he suffered a “severe hypoglycemic event” and died the following afternoon.

Kozul, 89, was not diabetic, but in January 2018, Mays injected enough insulin to cause hypoglycemia, according to the document. Despite the efforts of the hospital staff, he died early the next morning.

Edgell, 84, was diabetic but also did not prescribe insulin, and Mays injected insulin twice in March 2018, according to the defense agreement. After the hospital staff tried to stabilize her with dextrose, she applied it first on the night shift on March 23, and then reapplied the next night. He died on March 25.

On the night of March 25, Mays injected insulin into Shaw 81-year-old, though not diabetic. According to the document, he was treated with dextrose and Glucagon, but he could not heal and died on April 10, 2018.

McDermott, 82, was not a diabetic when Mays injected him on the night shift on April 8, 2018. He died the next morning.

Golden, 88, was a diabetic that requires only a certain type and dose of insulin, according to the document. On the night shift, on June 3, Mays injected her enough to cause a hypoglycemic event and died four days later.

In the eighth dead veteran, prosecutors said that Mays injected him with insulin and aimed to die, but the medical doctor could not prove that the injection was the cause of his death.

Mays Could Serve a Life Sentence

According to the deal, Mays faces every murder charge and a $ 250,000 fine that he claims are guilty of. In order to commit a murder charge, the attack could be fined for another 20 years and $ 250,000.

“Although we cannot bring these men back, we hope the investigation will be concluded and the criminal appeal will alleviate the suffering of the families of the victims,” Powell said after his appeal.

According to West Virginia Metro News, the prosecution and defense lawyers will continue the case, as they claim to be guilty, as they have revealed more situations. According to the report, a status conference was planned in October and sent to the Northern Regional Prison of West Virginia in May.