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Ricardas Puisys
Ricardas Puisys

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A 40-year-old farm worker, afraid of being killed five years ago, was found alive in the Cambridgeshire forests, emerged today.Ricardas Puisys from Lithuania did what the police described as a ‘very well hidden’ house for him in the deep thickets of a residential street in Wisbech. The 40-year-old boy disappeared from detectives, afraid of being killed, in September 2015 at Chatteris on a leek farm 20 miles away.

Ricardas Puisys Age

He is 40 years old.

Ricardas Puisys Missing & Found

Concerns about its security were raised in the previous month, when it was suggested to be exploited, and a murder investigation was launched in November 2015. A 31-year-old man from Wisbech was arrested and detained on suspicion of murder in December 2015, but was later released without further action.

In recent years, two timber areas have been used regularly by Eastern Europeans living in a number of tents and temporary shelters.

It is believed that other men who sleep roughly in two areas either do not know about his existence or are not aware that he must have died.

Today, the residents talked about their anger about the gangs of rough sleepers and street drinkers gathered in the forest and causing discomfort.

A group living in the forestland owned by the National Trust was successfully evacuated last year, leaving behind debris piles that need to be cleaned by council workers.

Concerns for him first appeared when he said in August 2015 that a local resident suspected that he had been exploited to the police and had to move between addresses in Wisbech.
The police talked to Mr. Puisys at home, but told them he was fine.

It was known that he worked at the Nightlayer Leek Company in Chatteris on September 26, 2015 and attended a group of Lithuanian men in the evening.

The alarm appeared when he could not shift after two days, and the identity badge was found in a park.

Cambridgeshire Police finally discovered Mr. Puisys, who lives in the forest on Harecroft Road on July 1, but postponed announcing his presence to ensure he was in a safe place.

They effectively announced today that they believe they are victims of ‘modern slavery’.
Keith Dorman, 59, who lives on Harecroft Road, said he was fighting last year to extract a group of campers from the National Trust forests opposite his bungalow.

He said: ‘It was very bad when they got here and it took almost a year to kick them. They were defecating in the forest and all their trash was stacked.

“Mothers used to walk in the woods with their children, but these guys would reveal themselves and urinate. It was very unpleasant.

‘They lived in tents and shelters, cutting down trees for firewood and building materials. They were mostly cursed.

‘It started as one or two, but the numbers have grown. At one point a dozen drinks were sitting together. It was like a party. ” Said.

‘I told the shopkeeper that he should not serve someone in that state, and he would be threatened if he refused to sell alcohol to them.’

‘I contacted the police first, but they said they couldn’t do anything because they didn’t commit a crime.

Then I contacted the Fenland Council and a local councilor, but they couldn’t do much because the land belonged to the National Trust.

The councilor told me they were all at work, but I said it was unimportant. He also said that alternative accommodation is offered, but they do not want happy life because they are rent free.
Mr. Dorman was also told that he had called the National Trust ‘four or five times’ and that it would be too expensive to do something about’ initially ‘, but they were’ in the process of taking court orders.

Finally, the police mafia surrendered and all booted up. The next day, three minibuses arrived from the Fenland Council and cleared all the mess for a day.

‘There were old beds, sleeping bags, empty food containers, bottles and boxes, and all kinds of trash.’

Mr. Dorman said that he saw men living roughly in the second forest in the middle of the road and even slept under a tarpaulin lying in a ditch on the side of the road.

He said: ‘It is common to see these sights in Wisbech. There is hardly any area or woodland in the town, people did not have a rough sleep.

“Others have tried to return to the forest since evacuation last year. I found a man there and clearly said he had to leave and went elsewhere. ‘

Another resident who asked not to be named: ‘Last year was a real problem. People living in the forest caused discomfort, especially with the smell from campfires.

They were all working because I was told that they would be picked up from minibuses and taken to work every day. But they preferred to live rough, so they didn’t have to pay rent, and they had more money to spend on drinking. ‘

At the time of his disappearance, Mr. Puisys did not have a car or a close family in England and spoke very little English.

In August 2018, he was still considered dead when he found a Facebook profile with his name, official and 69 friends, all of whom were friends and relatives.

Investigations found a phone number linked to the account, but the detectives could not track the owner, and the police discovered that the page was managed from Wisbech.

Detective Chief Inspector Rob Hall said today: ‘The disappearance of Ricardas for almost five years was a mystery. This is until we get the information that caused us to find us at the end of June.

Mr Hall said there were ‘real concerns’ about the damage he had last seen in the evening, Mr Hall continued:’ He did not return to work on September 28, 2015 as expected, but now escaping because Ricardas was a victim of previously exploited crime. decision.

“A group of investigators worked tirelessly, none of them led to the discovery of Ricardas. Until Ricardas received information that he could still be alive and still in the Wisbech region.

‘After researching a wooded area on Harecroft Road, Ricardas was finally found while living in the bushes, hiding very well after deliberately hiding and not talking to anyone for a while.’

The officers said they had decided not to make it public that he had found him alive to protect himself and take protective measures.

Mr. Hall added: ‘We work very closely not to keep him safe and secure, but to get the support he needs after living in extremely difficult conditions for the past five or more years.’

Police say the potential exploitation investigation has been launched and a team of detectives is now on track through various investigations.