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Richard Michetti
Richard Michetti

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FBI agents said Richard Michetti of Ridley Park was discussing her presence among pro-Trump fans through text messages with her ex, despite escaping from tear gas and rubber bullets to throw the building.

On January 6, Richard Michetti, who stood on the Capitol stairs, allegedly paused the riot to discuss with his ex-girlfriend over a text message. After posting photos and videos of the crowd and bragging about how he avoided tear gas, Michetti wrote the parrot of Donald Trump’s false election fraud claims.

According to court documents, Michetti wrote in a message to the woman, “You’re an idiot if you can’t see the elections being stolen.”

The next day, the woman she humiliated immediately told the FBI that her ex-husband was in the Capitol and handed over the text, photo and video series she had sent to law enforcement.

Richard Michetti Arrest & Charge

Michetti was accused of entering or staying in restricted buildings or grounds, violent entry and irregular behavior on the Capitol grounds, denying justice as well as punishing him as a principal.

Prosecutors listed a series of texts that Michetti sent his ex on his way to the US Capitol.

Around 19:15. The night before the uprising he wrote, “I went to DC, I will call when I get off.”

She told the female law enforcement officials that Michetti was in Washington on January 6 because she believed the election was stolen from then-President Donald Trump.

Around 6:04 PM, he sent a series of text messages to his ex. Someone said, “I understand what you want to say, but what I said is [former name] fraudulent and everybody knows it. All we wanted was an investigation. And they couldn’t investigate the biggest presidential race in history. You can post it on ballot papers that they know fraud is easy.”

In fact, Attorney General William Barr has empowered US lawyers across the country to “pursue” substantial allegations of voting irregularities in the 2020 election, but the Justice Department has revealed no evidence of widespread fraud that will change the outcome of the election. Election officials in the states also carried out their own checks and recounts, which did not find fraud or change the outcome of the election.

“This is our country, do you think we live like kings because nobody sacrificed anything?” Michetti said to his ex in the messages. “… the vote was fraudulent and won trump cards, but they will not control the votes. We are patriots, we are not revolutionaries, the revolutionaries on the other side want to destroy this country and they say it openly.”

Also, “What they said there is tyranny and he told us ‘we cheated the election and you have nothing to do about it’, what do you think should be done?”

Prosecutors say in their text that Michetti detailed what he did on January 6, sending old videos of the rebels yelling at the Capitol building.

“… We were going down the building where they held us with spray, tear gas and paintballs,” he wrote. “I have to stop voting, fraud this is our country.”

“My eyes are on fire” and “thousands of people are stormy,” he said to his ex.

Some Capitol rioting suspects were reported to law enforcement by a former family member or family member. Riley Williams, accused of stealing Nancy Pelosi’s laptop during the riot, surrendered to authorities after her ex-husband repeatedly called the FBI to report what he saw in the Capitol videos. Guy Reffitt, accused of charges including denial of justice, allegedly threatened his son and daughter after speaking to the FBI about his son’s actions.