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Robert Gieswein
Robert Gieswein

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Teller County Sheriff’s Office said 24-year-old Robert Gieswein surrendered to officials in Teller County on Monday evening. As part of the ‘Three Percent’ militia, a Colorado man who raided the tactically equipped Capitol Building was arrested.

It appears to be linked to the radical militia “Three Percent”.

Robert Gieswein Turned Himself

Gieswein of Woodland Park, Colorado, is accused of attacking a police officer and preventing a federal trial during the Capitol riots.
According to an arrest warrant, the 24-year-old allegedly sprayed an unknown substance at Capitol officers trying to contain the crowd that descended on the Capitol.

Photos of the uprising show Gieswein holding a baseball bat in his hand as he is surrounded by protesters.

In a statement seen by the New York Post, an FBI agent wrote: ‘Gieswein attacked federal officials outside the Capitol; He observed and encouraged the rebels who broke the window of the Capitol building; he entered the building through that broken window; and then attacked the Capitol building. ‘

In addition to Gieswein’s interview with a journalist the day before the riot, the FBI used a collection of videos and images from Gieswein outside and inside the Capitol to identify him, according to his Sworn statement.

The document states that Gieswein wore ‘distinctive paramilitary gear’, including a camouflage shirt, an Army-style helmet and goggles, during the raid on January 6.

He was also noted to be wearing a vest with ‘Woodland Wild Dog’ patches on it.

The Percent Trios are one of the highest profile militia groups in the United States. They get their name from the false claim that only 3% of Americans fought against the British in the War of Independence.

The group believes that the government is planning to take away the rights of US citizens and must be resisted.

Scott Levin, regional director of the Anti-Defamation League, told Fox 31: “[Three Percent] set themselves up as the protector of President Trump.

“They wear military clothing and carry weapons and are seen frequently.”

“These militia movements have made their way through the United States,” Levin said.