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Robert Lesslie

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Authorities said five people, including a prominent doctor Robert Lesslie, his wife and two grandchildren, were killed in a shooting Wednesday afternoon at a house near Rock Hill in the South Carolina city.

A sixth person was injured during the shooting, and authorities eventually found a suspect in the suspect’s nearby home, York County sheriff officials said earlier Thursday.

Dr. Robert Lesslie Age

Dr. Robert Lesslie’s was 70 years old.

Dr. Robert Lesslie And 5 people Shot Dead

According to a tweet from the York County Sheriff’s Office, a doctor, his wife, and two younger grandchildren were found at home and died from gunshot wounds. The police did not give information about the suspect.

According to the York County forensic office, 70-year-old Dr. Robert Lesslie, his 69-year-old wife Barbara Lesslie, and their grandchildren, 9-year-old Adah Lesslie, and 5-year-old Noah Lesslie were reported to have died at the scene. James Lewis, 38, was found dead outside. Police said Lewis was working at home at the time.

Dr. Robert Lesslie Background & Career

Faris said that he lived in this area all his life and that “Dr. Lesslie was my doctor when I was growing up.”

“Dr. Lesslie was one of those people that everyone knows about. He founded the Riverview Medical Center in Rock Hill and has been a staple in Rock Hill for years,” said Faris.

“If you come from Rock Hill and are from this area, the people involved are very distinguished and well known in York County,” said Faris.

Lesslie was the founder of Riverview House Calls & Riverview Hospice and Palliative Care, and has been working at Rock Hill since 1981, according to her website. He had four children and nine grandchildren.
“I enjoy writing, playing golf, hunting, growing fruit and hops, and overalls in my free time,” he says on his biography page.

Shooting Incident Detail

Police said in a tweet shortly after 01:30 on Thursday that a suspect “was in a house nearby” and said “There is no active threat to society.”

Faris said the police were summoned to the scene around 4:45 p.m. Dr. He said Lesslie’s own doctor was growing up.

Suspect Arrested & Investigation

Police identified a suspect in a nearby house after an hour-long search. York County Sheriff’s Office spokesman Trent Faris said at a press conference that a sixth person was injured and taken to a local hospital for serious gunshot wounds.

Sheriff’s spokesperson, Trent Faris, said that investigators believe the suspect is the only offender, and why someone is Dr. He said they were trying to understand that Robert Lesslie and his family had killed some of their members.

York County Prosecutor’s Office said the grandchildren who were killed were between 5 and 9 years old.

“This is a tragic, tragic situation.… None of us can figure out why it happened,” Faris told reporters earlier Thursday at a news conference recorded by CNN member WBTV.

Faris said that after learning that a suspect might be nearby, they found a suspect in a house along the same road.

Faris said the investigators “issued a search warrant with him (the suspect)” in the house where the suspect lives.

However, Faris refused to reveal the suspect’s name or to answer the reporters’ questions about whether the suspect was alive.



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