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Robert Sanford
Robert Sanford

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Robert Sanford, 55, from Chester, Pennsylvania, is on trial for three serious crimes, including assaulting a police officer. 6. He was detained by the FBI in Pennsylvania just before 6 a.m. on Thursday morning, an informed source told The Daily Beast. The Wall Street Journal reported the arrest first.

Federal authorities arrested a handful of Capitol rebels on Thursday, including a retired Pennsylvania firefighter accused of throwing a fire extinguisher that shot three police officers, a man holding a Confederate flag inside the Capitol, and a former school therapist.

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He is 55 years old.

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One video shows the rebels crossing a barricade while the police desperately try to control them on the west side of the building. A rebel, identified as Sanford in the criminal complaint, can be seen throwing a fire extinguisher and hitting at least one of them on his helmet. The fire extinguisher bounces and hit two more policemen, including one who was not steering.

Robert Sanford Arrested

According to the complaint, Sanford confessed to a friend that he was the person photographed in the riot wearing a CFD hat. This friend eventually reported to the feds and said that Sanford was taking a bus to DC with a group of people. The friend added that Sanford claimed it was only about 10 minutes on the Capitol grounds and never mentioned that he was throwing any objects.

Capitol Police officer William Young, who was hit by the fire extinguisher, told investigators that it was between 20 officers and two sergeants trying to control the crowd on the lower west terrace of the Capitol. He saw the fire extinguisher on the floor after feeling “a hard blow to the back of his helmet.” He went to the hospital after the incident, but has been dismissed since then.

Chester Mayor Thaddeus Kirkland confirmed to The Daily Beast that Sanford was a member of the city’s fire brigade from January 1994 to February 2020. Kirkland adorned a hat with the logo of the fire brigade, saying city officials knew Sanford “participated in the uprising that took place in our country’s capital last week.”

“Since the First Amendment of our Constitution determines the right to freedom of expression and peaceful assembly, the actions of the rebels in D.C. last week depended on the characteristics of domestic terrorism,” Kirkland said in a statement. “Therefore, we hope that if anyone, whether current or former employee or resident, attended the event at the Capitol Building is confirmed, our legal system will work to its purpose and bring them to justice.”