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Robert Scott Palmer
Robert Scott Palmer

Robert Scott Palmer Wiki – Robert Scott Palmer Bio

According to the Huffington Post, 53-year-old Robert Scott Palmer wore an easy-to-see American flag jacket on Jan. 6 as he threw the emptied canister after being caught by camera sprayers at close range.

The Florida father, who was contacted by phone and ran a cleanup job and had a criminal record, found out, according to the exit, that the police in the Capitol threw a crowd control arsenal at him for no reason.

He later claimed that the Biden administration unfairly targeted patriots in its efforts to find and arrest the rebels.

Palmer’s role in the insurrection

Palmer, dressed in his most distinctive outfit, is seen walking the stairs of the Capitol while squeezing the fire extinguisher on the police. When the box is empty, he throws it to the police. Whether Palmer injured anyone with his actions is unclear from the records. It is not clear what will happen next. Palmer’s only other shot we see is in CJTV media’s Facebook live stream.

The video of the stream is available on YouTube. In it, Palmer is first seen that night, with protesters arguing with riot police, showing camera wounds. “He shot me with rubber bullets just because I shouted,” he told the journalist. He then spends a few minutes talking about Trump’s retention before revealing his identity. Although Amy sent the tip to the FBI, it took Palmer about a month to be listed on the bureau’s Capitol violence page. Now listed as 246 – AFO.

Palmer confirmed his identity and role in the riot when he contacted the Huffington Post. When asked the fire extinguisher she stopped calling. Public talks are now taking place on social media for Palmer’s arrest. Several users also went to spamming’s Son Bright Systems’ Facebook Page asking Palmer to surrender.


Robert Scott Palmer Arrested

According to a report that disclosed his identity on Friday, an American Capitol rebel said that President Biden, who allegedly attacked the police with a fire extinguisher, wanted to “denigrate the patriots” who violated the building.

“I’m just talking about it and letting them make the mistakes they want and ruin the country the way they want, and right now I’m just trying to live my life,” he said before feeling nervous. I’ll just leave it that way. I can’t get myself deeper because I haven’t done anything wrong – but I’m not including myself anymore. ”

According to reports from the outlet, Palmer, who was jailed for battery and fraud charges, suddenly hung up when asked about the fire extinguisher later on.

During the riot on January 6th, Palmer was filmed wearing a jacket that read “FLORIDA FOR TRUMP” as a group of rebels pushed towards the police.

The Huffington Post reportedly tracked down Palmer with the help of an internet detective working with Twitter group @capitolhunters to find Palmer’s identity – including her signature jacket – and other information using online images.

The FBI is still looking for rebels who attacked the US Capitol in an attempt to ruin the results of the 2020 presidential election.

Seeking public assistance to identify rebels who violated the building, the agency did not request comment.