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Roland Grabowski
Roland Grabowski

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Roland Grabowski was accused of Abandoning or Endangering a Child, Body Abuse, and Tampering or Fabricating Physical Evidence and is held at the Collin County Detention Facility with a $ 925,000 bond.
Donna Grabowski has been charged with Abandoning or Endangering a Child, Body Abuse, and Tampering or Fabricating Physical Evidence.

Roland Grabowski Arrest & Charge

A Collin County couple faces charges of endangering children and altering evidence after their 1-week-old baby boy was found dead in a bucket of tar.
The Sheriff’s Bureau of Collin County said it awaited further grave charges against Donna and Roland Grabowski regarding their son’s death and disappearance.
The sheriff’s office said in a news release on Wednesday that Saturday morning the sheriff’s aides were called to his home at 9100 block of Highridge Road in Princeton about the possibility of an infant’s unreported death.
After failing to cooperate with the authorities, the couple was detained on charges of endangering the children.

After their arrest, they told investigators that they woke up on July 29 and found their baby, Micah, dead in his bed.

Authorities said that inspectors in the sheriff’s office ordered their homes to search, where they found Micah’s body in a bucket of tar in a shed behind the residence.

Online prison records show that Roland Grabowski, 42, was accused of tampering with evidence in order to endanger the child, abuse a body, and damage a human corpse.

According to prison records, 41-year-old Donna Grabowski has been charged with tampering with physical evidence in addition to the same charges.

They broke into Collin County prison on Sunday. A lawyer listed on Donna Grabowski’s prison records could not be reached by phone immediately after working Wednesday. Roland Grabowski did not have a lawyer in the prison records.

Collin County Sheriff Jim Skinner told WFAA-TV (Channel 8) that Grabowskis lied to the authorities about what happened to the child, first reported on the baby’s death.

“There was an attempt to deceive us into what happened and where his children are, Micah said.

Citing an arrest warrant, WFAA reported that the couple told their friends that the baby died of sudden infant death syndrome. Skinner told the station that they wrapped the boy in a blanket and put him in a bucket.

The couple initially said that a family friend was watching Micah, the WFAA reported. Autopsy is still pending for the baby.

“I’ve been in this business for over 30 years and I’ve seen a lot of crazy things,” Skinner told the station. “But it’s the first time I’ve found a dead baby in a bucket of tar … and hopefully the last one.”

Roland Grabowski is listed in the state’s sex offender registry. Convicted of sexual assault on a child and aggravated sexual assault on a child in 2008. According to the records, the ages of the victims in these cases were between 12 and 14 years old.

According to the state registry, Grabowski must register for life and is considered high risk. The recording shows that the sheriff of Collin County last confirmed his registration in July.

The cases look like the Collin County cases. In the district court records, the dates of the crime are September 1995 and October 1996. More details on the cases were not immediately available.

Court records show that he was sentenced to two years in prison. According to the records, he was released from prison in May 2009.

In June 2010, Garland was arrested by police for failing to register as a sex offender.

Two months later, after registering at an address at Garland, the police went to verify his address and found the house was empty.

He was sentenced to five years in prison in 2011 for these cases, according to court records.