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Ronald Massaro
Ronald Massaro

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A person was stabbed in New York last month. The victim has now been identified as the 39-year-old brother of World Wrestling Entertainment star Ashley Massaro. As reported by Abc7, police said Ronald Massaro was stabbed on Saturday, November 21, on the corner of West 38th Street and Eighth Avenue in Midtown.

Ronald Massaro  Ex-WWE star Ashley Massaro’s brother killed

The report describes a Smithtown resident who was found unconscious and unresponsive with stab wounds on his torso. Ronald Massaro was taken to NYC Health + Hospitals / Bellevue, where it was announced that he died at 9.40 am. Lawrence Downing, 52, from Midtown, was arrested on November 22 and charged with alleged second-degree murder, police reported. It is still unknown whether the attack was a target or a random one.


NY Daily News reports that the 39-year-old is still dealing with the apparent death of her sister Ashley. According to the report, Ronald had checked out a rehabilitation facility in Riverhead, L.I., a few hours before he was attacked, his friend Keith Hanlon told The News. “He got out of rehab and got on the train,” Hanlon said. And that was it. He was off schedule and even gone 12 hours after the train and. ”


According to Hanlon, after his friend jumped on the Long Island Railroad, he called him and noticed a new sense of closure in Ronald’s voice. Hanlon said his voice was “uplifted and very ready.” “He was ready to live life. Ever since his brother died, I never realized he had this voice. Something hit him. I truly believe you are starting to accept things and understand what life is all about. “Hanlon,” It finally hit me and I’m ready. I can do that. We can do this together. ‘These were his exact words. I lost him in the Midtown tunnel. His last words were “I’m about to enter the Midtown tunnel, I’ll call you”. ”


About 45 minutes before Ronald was killed, he tried to call Hanlon again. Hanlon missed the call. “My phone had a battery saver and I missed a FaceTime at 8:30 am. I feel guilty because if I had taken it to FaceTime, it might have stopped for a few seconds. He could have changed everything for a few seconds, ”Hanlon said.

Doreen Apicella-Marrero, another close friend of Ronald’s, mourned that the Massaro family had two children to mourn. “This is a terrible time for his family,” he said. After her sister passed away, she struggled to adapt emotionally. The report also states that Ronald is a former model with experience working in healthcare. He was working in fashion at the time of his death. Hanlon said she is working with a clothing designer in Georgia and hopes to one day start her own brand or business.

Who is Ashley Massaro?

In 2019, TMZ Sports reported Ashley’s death. According to the report, sources said it was suicide. However, according to a CNN report, the Suffolk County medical supervisory office refused to disclose a cause of death, referring to a New York law that allows the retention of information that amounts to “an unjust violation of personal privacy.”


He won the 2005 WWE Raw diva research, which included a one-year $ 250,000 contract. He wrestled for WWE between 2005-08. After his death, as reported by Newsweek, his lawyer published details of the wrestler’s case against WWE. The account included shocking details about the encounter between Ashley and an unknown soldier during a WWE trip to visit troops in Kuwait. The affidavit alleged how the man drugged and sexually abused him during the tour, and claimed that WWE management, including CEO Vince McMahon, had told him to keep the incident under wraps as it would “disrupt the relationship between WWE and the US Army.”

WWE made a statement regarding the charges. In the article: “The WWE regretted the death of Ashley Massaro and we offer our condolences to her family. However, we regret that his attorney, Konstantine Kyros, who filed many lawsuits against WWE, lost all of them and used his attorney, Konstantine Kyros, who was repeatedly punished by the Court for misconduct and false claims, to further his malicious campaign against WWE by posting Ashley’s death. A statement stating that he presented it to the court and later apologized to WWE for his involvement, so we want things to be very clear. ”

The statement also wrote: “Never informed Vince McMahon or his WWE management that he was sexually assaulted, drugged, raped, or sodomized by Ashley Massaro or anyone else, by a nurse and a military doctor in good faith. Tour to US military bases in Kuwait in 2007. In fact, if he had made such a claim to WWE, we would have reported it to the Base Commander immediately. “There was never a meeting with Vince McMahon, Kevin Dunn, John Laurinaitis or other company executives where he told them about such an allegation and were instructed to keep it quiet.”