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Ronnie Sandlin
Ronnie Sandlin

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According to a criminal complaint by federal officials in the District of Columbia, the FBI used surveillance video, social media posts, and public cues to identify 31-year-old Nathaniel J. DeGrave, 31-year-old Ronnie Sandlin, and others. A man named Josiah Colt.

Ronnie Sandlin Arrested & Charge

In a video posted by Sandlin he says:

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What happened to this country is absolutely terrible, absolutely horrible… we are ready to invade the provincial capital if necessary… I urge other patriots watching this to be willing to take the capital as well… if you’re watching this and you’re a patriot and here, I think it’s time to take the capital and I don’t take it lightly…. I’m ready to do, I’m ready to fight for this country. Even if it means that I have to make sacrifices in a capacity. This is not what I want to do …

Here’s a Facebook comment by DeGrave:

“It is time for the American people to stand up and stand up for this country. We are tired of corruption.”

According to the complaint, Sandlin organized a “caravan of patriots” in Washington, D.C., to stand behind President Donald Trump. A Facebook post says that Sandlin, DeGrave, and Colt booked and paid a trip to Washington and requested a GoFundMe contribution.

Video shot from inside the Capitol building appears to show Sandlin and the person believed to be DeGrave in a match with the officers. The video also shows the man believed to be DeGrave putting his fists and hitting him in the chest as if he was going to start boxing with officers.

Additionally, the man who looks like DeGrave is seen in a video showing his phone and a video that looks like a pile of bricks. When Sandlin asks “Nate” if he wants to say something, he replies:

“If things are done, if Pence does what we think it will do, we are protecting the country here. So we are here to defend this city, to defend any city in this country. Antifa let’s try us, we are here, we are ready. I said bring it. We are not silent anymore. ”

The men were reportedly arrested by the FBI in Las Vegas on Thursday. Their names are not disclosed by the FBI or local law enforcement agencies who helped with the arrest. However, both DeGrave and Sandlin are currently held in the Henderson Detention Center.