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Roy Den Hollander
Roy Den Hollander

Roy Den Hollander Wiki – Roy Den Hollander Biography

Roy Den Hollander, a well-known male rights lawyer and self-defining “anti-feminist”, is suspected of being the gunman who shot the husband and son of New Jersey federal Judge Esther Salas at the entrance of the family’s home in North Brunswick, according to the Daily Beast.

The authorities have not publicly announced Hollander’s name. However, several news outlets report that the suspect is a lawyer.

Roy Den Hollander Suspect Found Dead

According to CNN, the suspect died of a possible wound and died in a car in Sullivan County, New York.

Daniel Anderl, first grader and son of the judge, was shot and killed in the attack. The judge’s husband, Mark Anderl, was a critical but decisive situation; New York, the judge reported that he was not injured because he was in the basement during shooting.

“The FBI has been investigating a fire that occurred at Judge Ester (sic) Salas’ home in North Brunswick Town, New Jersey since the beginning of July 19. Call us at 1-973-792-3001, ”wrote FBI Newark.

Governor Phil Murphy wrote on Twitter, “Judge Salas and her family are now in our minds as we deal with this meaningless act.” According to the television station, the judge is the first Latina woman to serve on New Jersey’s federal bench. Rutgers University called her “The first Hispanic to serve as a US Magistrate Judge for NJ.”

Roy Den Hollander Background

According to his resume, Hollander “M.B.A. Columbia University Business School, J.D. George Washington University School of Law. ”

Since 2000, he has listed his work experience as “lawyer and business consultant” in New York. He wrote, “Take legal action, including men’s rights, immigrant fraud, insurance subrogation and RICO,” he wrote. “Give companies advice on corporate governance, contracts and cases.”

He said he worked for Kroll Associates in Moscow, Russia between 1999 and 2000, and “managed and promoted Kroll’s intelligence and security delivery in the former Soviet Union.” He also worked as a lawyer in Russia and Ecuador.

“Consulting companies, individuals and non-profit organizations in legal and commercial matters, including international financing and marketing in America, Russia and Ecuador,” he wrote.

In the 1980s, he worked as a lawyer in the private practice as well as in the “Internal Revenue Service Chief Advisor Office: Interpretation Department”.

He wrote that he was the “political producer, writer and designation editor” for WABC-TV in New York between 1980-1981. He studied at Columbia Business School, focusing on Finance and George Washington University and Brooklyn Law Schools.

The injured husband of the judge was also a lawyer. Mark Anderl, 63, is a criminal defense lawyer. Anderl, New Jersey law firm Anderl & Oakley, P.C. is a lawyer with.

According to New Jersey Monthly, Salas met her husband as a prosecutor and worked as a law school intern. He noticed “taking fingerprints” and came to speak to him, saying to the broadcast, saying “we have not been separated since 1992”.

The website biographer says Anderl works in the fields of “State and Federal Criminal Defense Juvenile Delinquency DWI / Municipal Court”. He received his education from Brooklyn Law School and Northeastern University and was admitted to the New Jersey bar in 1985.

“Approved by the Criminal Court Attorney by the New Jersey Supreme Court, more than 250 Criminal Jury Courts Anderl & Oakley since 1997, his partner Anderl & Oakley since 1997,” she says. Prior to that, he served as assistant prosecutor at the Essex County Procuratorate for 10 years.

Middlesex County Bar received several awards, including the Practitioner of the Year and New York’s top rated lawyers.

Roy Den Hollander Who Was Wearing a FedEx Uniform

ABC News said the suspect, who was found dead in New York Liberty by a council worker, was a lawyer who sued before Judge Salas in 2015.

The Daily Beast reported that the case was “challenging only the draft of the army”. Hollander described herself as a “men’s rights lawyer” on her Twitter page.

The men’s rights movement lost another important figure of men when California men’s rights lawyer Marc Angelucci was shot dead by an unknown man in his home on July 11. Angelucci was the vice president and board member of the National Men’s Coalition. The National Coalition for Men wrote that the successes of Angelucci were “to win an equal protection case against the Selective Service Administration in the near future, which only disrupted the male draft record”. Read Angelucci’s death related to death here.

Roy Den Hollander Why He Attack Husband and Son of a Federal Judge

Hollander described her expertise as “Anti-Feminist litigation, investigation and advice on general corporate issues” in her resume.

Now he wrote that a deleted 2019 GoFundMe page had cancer.

The motive and suspect are not yet clear. The suspect fled the scene. The New Jersey Globe reported that the judge was the target of the threats but did not specify them.

But ABC News, from the mayor of North Brunswick, said: “As a judge, he had threats from time to time, but everyone has recently said he has never been.” My neighbor in Central New Jersey reported that they provided the authorities with a video.


The New York Times also reported that the authorities were investigating whether the “lawyer” was armed. According to NBC New York, the suspect was “a lawyer who has been suing for several years”.

Referring to law enforcement officers, ABC News reported that “The suspect is a white man covering his face and wearing a FedEx uniform.”

On the evening of July 19, it was the evening that the gunner in the FedEx uniform was walking towards the door. ABC reported that the authorities later found a FedEx package that addressed the judge in his car.

News 4 New York reported that the armed man came to the judge’s home in North Brunswick at 17:00. It is not clear whether the gunman poses as a FedEx driver. “We are aware of the media reports and fully cooperate with the investigating authorities,” the FedEx spokesperson told CNN. Said. I said.

NBC New York reported that the judge’s husband had answered the door and had been shot “repeatedly”. That report came to see what was going on and was shot. However, there are conflicting reports about the father or son who opened the door first. ABC News, the son of the judge, opened the door of the family’s North Brunswick house and reported that he was shot immediately. He is a freshman at Catholic University.

CNN reported that Daniel opened his door “right behind him” with his father and was welcomed with “full of firearms”.