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Wisconsin police officer Rusten Sheskey, who repeatedly shot Jacob Blake in front of his children and caused numerous protests last August, is back to work and will not face any discipline, according to Kenosha Police Chief Daniel Miskinis.

Miskinis said on Tuesday that Sheskey returned to his post at the end of March, following administrative leave.

“Officer Sheskey was not charged with any charges. He acted within the law and was consistent with education,” he said. “It was found that Officer Sheskey was acting within policy and would not be subject to discipline.”

According to Miskinis, the decision was made after the fire had been investigated by an outside agency and examined by both an independent expert and the Kenosha District Attorney.

“Although this case has been studied at many levels, I understand that some would not be happy with the outcome, but given the facts, it was the only legal and appropriate decision to be made.

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Rusten Sheskey Officer Who Shot Jacob Blake

Blake, who is black, was hospitalized on August 23 when Sheskey, a white police officer in the Kenosha Police Department, repeatedly shot him in the back while responding to a domestic riot that the authorities said. His children were in a car at the scene and witnessed the shooting.

The incident was recorded on cellphone footage that went viral and sparked numerous protests over police brutality and racial injustice. Two people were killed during one such demonstration in Kenosha on 25 August. 17-year-old Kyle Rittenhouse, who was allegedly armed in that incident, was later charged with murder. (Rittenhouse claimed she was not guilty.)

In January, Kenosha County Attorney Michael Graveley said Sheskey would not face any crime at the time of the shooting.

Speaking to reporters at the press conference, Graveley stated that the decision was based on evidence that could not be seen in the mobile phone video. He also said that Sheskey could successfully defend himself in self-defense if brought before a jury.

At the time, Graveley said, “Officer Sheskey’s current perspective and what a reasonable officer would do at any given moment is a truly proven fact.” “Almost none of this is answered in that deeply disturbing video we’ve all seen. Officer Sheskey felt stabbed.”

Blake, who spent six weeks in the hospital and was paralyzed in the incident, filed a federal civil rights complaint against Sheskey in March.

According to the federal complaint, six of the seven shots hit Blake and at least one ruptured her spinal cord. The seventh shot hit the side door of the car where Blake’s children were.

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