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Rusten Sheskey
Rusten Sheskey

Rusten Sheskey Wiki – Rusten Sheskey Biography

Kenosha police officer Rusten Sheskey, working as a bicycle officer and working in a campus Police Department, was selected by the Wisconsin Attorney General as the officer who shot and seriously injured Jacob Blake. fires and property damage in the southeast Wisconsin community.

The governor of Wisconsin said Blake, 29, was shot “from behind many times”. A news release from the Wisconsin Department of Justice says: “Officer Rusten Sheskey fired his service gun seven times while holding Mr. Blake’s shirt. Officer Sheskey fired the gun on Mr. Blake’s back. No other officer fired his gun. Kenosha Police Department ‘. There is no body camera inside, so the officers weren’t wearing a body camera. ”

Rusten Sheskey Age

Rusten Sheskey is 31 years old.

Rusten Sheskey Work & Career

Sheskey served in the Kenosha police bike unit and was in the department for 6.5 years when he was interviewed about his job to a local newspaper. Prior to that, he worked in the UW-Parkside Police department for three years, according to an article he interviewed on Kenosha News.

He said that his grandfather worked for the city for 33 years. Sheskey said it was easier for people to talk to officers on bicycles. “It obviously takes the whole car away; windows are not closed. People wave us for everything from talking about their problems in the neighborhood to saying hello and talking about bikes. It definitely gets us out a lot more. ”

According to Sheskey’s LinkedIn page and an old newspaper article about him, he was previously working as an NGO at the University of Wisconsin-Parkside. An old article in the Racine Journal-Times posted a photo of Sheskey saying:

Rusten Sheskey Married

Sheskey was engaged to be married in 2017, according to an online wedding registry website.

Rusten Sheskey Shot 7 Times Jacob Blake

Graphic video, 31-year-old Sheskey fired seven shots at close range at Blake’s back while Blake leaned over a car. The video of August 23 captures the sound of seven guns. Apparently, the police open fire while holding the back of the man’s shirt. You can watch the video below, but be warned that it’s pretty graphical. The filming led to days of Black Lives Matter demonstrations burning multiple businesses, breaking windows and destroying cars. In addition, people threw fireworks and bottles at police officers with riot gear. This resulted in a fire that killed two people and injured another man. The gunman who was accused is named Kyle Rittenhouse, a 17-year-old law enforcement agency, and a supporter of Blue Lives Matter from Antioch, Illinois.

Graphic Video Shows the Shooting Happened

In the video, three officers, including Rusten Sheskey, stand with Blake before she steps away from them. Then, a disarmed police officer follows Blake to the driver’s side of his car. There is more than one person in the area. Just behind Blake is a second officer. Blake the black one gets into the car. The officer, who appears white at least from a distance, seems to be shooting the door multiple times from Blake’s back.

Here is a video from another point of view. A woman named Chyna Smith shared on Facebook, “She was just barbecuing for her son because they shot an unarmed black in front of their son.”

The shooting officer seemed to be holding Blake’s white shirt while he was shooting, and Blake didn’t look like he had turned to face the officer. A second officer gun was drawn.

Kevin Mathewson, former Kenosha city councilor, was one of those who shared the video on Facebook. You can also watch it here. “Kenosha Police is the man who shot from the back 7 times,” he wrote. Why are you hitting him so hard? in the video a man shouts at the officer. In a statement posted on his Twitter page, civil rights lawyer Ben Crump said that Blake represents his family. His release says Blake is “a Black man who was shot from the back several times by Kenosha police.”

In the statement, he says Blake “helped alleviate a domestic incident when the police pulled their guns and battered them. As he walked away to check on his children, the police fired his guns from close range several times behind him. ”