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Ryan Shelton
Ryan Shelton

Ryan Shelton Wiki – Ryan Shelton Bio

Ryan Shelton is an American man from Georgina, who ran away with his girlfriend’s mother a few days after his daughter gave birth to her son. Pregnant partner Jess Aldridge betrayed her by starting an affair while living with her 44-year-old mother Georgina in a family support bubble.

Ryan Shelton Age

He is currently 29 years old.

Ryan Shelton  Family

Shelton and Aldridge have two children together, a daughter Georgina, 1 and a newborn son Reuben.

Ryan Shelton Runs off with Girlfriend’s Mom

Jess told Aldridge Sun that he was shocked to learn that his boyfriend and baby daddy was having an affair with his own mother.

“This is the ultimate betrayal. Aldridge’s starting point is you expect a new grandmother to fall in love with the baby – not the father.

“We stayed together for months at home during lockdown,” Aldridge recalled. “It was very difficult, especially when Ryan and Mom always flirted a lot. I felt very uncomfortable, it was a terrible experience. ”

Although Georgina’s husband, Eric, was at home, Shelton, 29, and Georgina, 44, spent nights together in the kitchen drinking Bacardi. Aldridge claims he once caught Shelton touching his mother’s ass, but he tries to brush it off. It was disgusting. She would wear these short dresses and be touching on the sofa with her, ”he said. Aldridge claims he confronted the couple even though they denied that anything happened.

That changed when Aldridge was hospitalized to give birth to Reuben in January. Shelton left via message while giving birth by cesarean, claiming that he was tired of accusing Aldridge of having an affair.

“My mom said she couldn’t help who she fell in love with, and Ryan told me the same thing,” Aldridge said. “He gave the teeth a big kick, they planned it during my pregnancy.”

My heart was broken and I lost everything – my mom and dad to my kids.

“I’m in love with him and I want the world to know,” Shelton said today, breaking his silence. He told MailOnline: “I don’t care what everybody thinks, I’m in love with Georgina and I don’t care who knows that.”

The unlikely new couple is now officially verifying their relationship on Facebook, Metro UK reports.

She said that Eric was also ruined by the news.